4 Times a Day

Look at these lovely wee goats.goats-105

I will be bottle feeding four times a day. They have holders that the bottles slide into so I can feed four kids at a time. Goats are so much more polite than lambs, so it is not too much of a hardship.  And only for another three weeks.  The La Mancha kids are all about three weeks old so I will not be bottle feeding for terribly long. goats-072

(Being prey animals their eyes are all set up to see in a panoramic view.  Amazing really. Clever .)

Yesterday the whole barn went into a pause to watch the new comers. goats-093

Ton went and sat with Sheila but Boo was transfixed. The peacocks saw the goats come in and immediately decamped to the Peacock Penthouse and watched them through the netting from above. The Peacock Penthouse is their safe place.  Later they came down and set up in different spots so they could observe quietly.


Peacocks are very nosy. Like cows really.

Speaking of cows the Dutchies were locked out in the field (much to their delight) for the afternoon so Our John could bring in the tractor and we could  finish scooping the middle pen and scoop the yards. So I am feeling confident that I will have two maternity ward pens ready for the cows when I go to Portland. Hopefully they will not do anything silly while I am gone but if anyone is close I can leave them in their clean baby pens for the 48 hours that I am away.

It would be very nice if everyone did as expected and I can wean the goats before the cows  have calves(mid April would be nice). And get to Portland (which will pay for quite a bit of very good feed this summer) without any dramas in my absence.


Queenie’s Bobby. goats-095Last night I set up a heat lamp for the La Manchas (they had them in their nursery)  in case they were cold. But they chose to sleep on top of a bale of straw instead and the cats were sleeping under the warm light. Cheeky buggers. So early this morning I swapped it out for a low wattage white bulb.  They have not slept in the dark before so we will do that slowly. And it is not that cold really.  The fire risk of those heat lamps always makes me nervous.  I have not spent that much time in the barn in the dead of night for a while – I had forgotton how Loudly Sheila snores!

Above is Hans in the foreground again. He is a goer this wee chappie.  Both the Billy goats are pure bred La Mancha. The girls are almost but both come from exceptional milking stock.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love your friend on a farm,



48 Comments on “4 Times a Day

  1. Love, love, love the goats!! Oh I would be in heaven with them – I have always wanted goats! They seem to have such wonderful personalities, especially when young. They see the positive side of life and bounce around in their happiness. You can never feel blue when round a baby goat. They will lift your spirit every time. I will be glued to your site as they grow up, watch every little minute. I so hope they bring lots of laughter and happiness to the farmy.

  2. The goats are so sweet! Did I read somewhere about a donkey next? Goats and donkeys what a lovely mix! x

  3. I wonder if you could record the sounds your animals make and post them? I’d love to just stand in that barn with my eyes closed and listen to it all breathing.

        • Oh yes, pleeease! To help you think on it (being entirely altruistic, of course), let me just mention that a bucolic sound tape (tape!! haha) sound file of a cow talking to her baby or simply chewing her cud, chickens philosophizing amongst themselves, a sheep’s määhh and a goat’s bä-äh, and the latest news in piggy-speak, the happy bark of a happy dog, a kittie’s meeew and purr … all amount to THE Most Valuable PTSD therapy imaginable… ❤

  4. Thank you Celi for the treat of two postings to read this morning. The Farmy is such an education… goats! Brill and they look so full of personality and bounce. Won’t Boo find them even more of a challenge that those kittens. Sounds as if your spring will be full to bursting with babies. Lovely. As always, I am enjoying all the pics. My niece loves her Farmy calendar, so thanks again for that opportunity to spread a little bit of Farmy love! Energy… still a wip to keep up with my work, nevermind to keep up with you!

  5. What gorgeous new additions to the Farmy. I suspect that they shall get up to all kinds of mischief as they grow!

  6. I want goats now too but the Ming will never approve ha! Love your ongoing story of your farm – brilliant!

  7. They sure look different to SA goats! Welcome little ones, Boo is the best nanny you could have chosen. I’m curious why does one (Hazel ?) have earflaps and the others don’t? Laura

  8. Me thinks that you may be asking for a miracle that nothing should happen whilst you are away, i think it is known as Sod’s Law!

  9. Thank you for all the lovely news and pictures. I’m glad your trip to Oregon will pay for lots of feed – that must be very satisfying to you to know that your blog is so much appreciated.
    Love Viv in very cold and gloomy Normandy.

  10. Over the past few years I have found it beneficial to extend the bottle feeding a few more weeks the kids seem to do a little better.

      • Celi, could you supplement your milk replacer with cows milk?

        • raw milk is fine but I am not milking at the moment.. also with little tummies it is sometimes not beneficial to make a fast change like that. They are over three weeks old and have been on formula the whole time (except for the colostrum period) best leave well alone I think.. c

  11. What a wonderful way to push into spring. We are going to have fun. Thank you for including the reactions of the farmy animals to the new additions. I was wondering how that would go. Boo is really special for sure. You can always count on him to be a good host.

  12. Beautiful little creatures are the goats. Nice to think of the barn going all quiet and watchful with the new additions. What do the pigs think of them? Or have they even taken notice? Baby goats are such little gymnasts, from what I have read. They might use Sheila and Poppy for all kinds of hop on and hop off activities. That will be interesting. 🙂 Queenie’s bobby is so handsome and sturdy, such strong legs to hold him upright. Have a wonderful, kid filled day, C. I knew the cats would join them even it was to steal the warmth of the warming bulb.

  13. I didn’t see the March 14th post until this morning, and couldn’t figure out why everyone was commenting about Boo. I looked back to discover that was Boo in the picture with the 4 goats. I didn’t see the tiny one behind the hay and thought Boo was one of the goats. I enlarged the photo and readily saw IT WAS BOO! There he was in all his splendor and glory. Your word TRANSFIXED was a perfect description of him. Just so darling. All of them. Cute as buttons.

    Well, Cecilia, you have a full complement of critters now. Nothing short of amazing accomplishment.

  14. What darling little ones they are, these goats. I remember when my father brought a pair, brother and sister home. Peter and Heidi. They were so small and affectionate. And quite snuggly, too. I was about 8 years old and played with them like they were dogs or kittens. They could bounce around and entertain us for hours. They also had an ability to climb…..I had leaned a 2×4 against one of the apple trees and found one of the goats running up and down it and literally going out on one of the limbs. They loved to hop up on the smallish tractor my father had and sleep in the cushioned tractor seat. It was dear and sweet until they began to eat the cushion. At that point my father found them a new home. But I missed their joy of life.

  15. Lovely little goats! My mother has plenty of stories about the time she had a herd of fourteen (I think) goats. It was before I was born, so I never met them, but I’ve enjoyed hearing the stories.

    By the way, I had been missing your posts in my WordPress Reader and couldn’t figure out why I was no longer seeing them, until I realized that somehow I had unfollowed your blog. No idea how that happened! I have now ‘re-followed’ you and look forward to seeing your daily posts again. 🙂

  16. No kidding, the image of all the farmy family standing in awe at the new arrivals, is just like we humans at the sight of a new baby. Ilove it.

  17. Practical me was very happy to read that it isn’t just ‘all found’ going to Portland but a little into the purse as well 🙂 !

  18. Celi, get some Spectoguard for your new little kids. It’s a scour stop for pigs but works great for goats. It’s good to have on hand since you’re going with a replacer for the babies. You’re going to wonder why you didn’t get goats sooner. They are incredibly friendly and sweet with a bit of naughty and mischievous thrown in. Good luck!

    • Thank you Jennifer.. i will get some on hand, these have been on milk replacer from the beginning (3 weeks ago) so I hope they do not have any adverse reactions. Good to have on hand just in case though – I will look in the feed store tomorrow.. c

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