Sun Gods

It was warm and sunny most of yesterday and even though there was a little breeze we all crawled out, shedding layers and lay about, played or worked in the sun.

Actually the humans worked and the animals lay about and played. But plenty got done. I shifted Kims Hen house again. Do you remember when I told you that Dad said to my Mum (who collected large rocks – really large rocks) that he would place a rock (read boulder)  for her Once and the rePlace it for her Once. After that she was on her own. Well I guess Our John has the same rule.  But me and the tractor and my muscles made it. 071

On the left of the hen house you can see a pile of composted straw.  I will stuff soil into the gaps and plant pumpkin seeds. Pumpkins love growing in compost.  And there is a lot of waste water from The Milking 0ften with a little milk in it from rinsing the buckets.  So this year that water will be poured onto new barn gardens to grow food for the animals. Cows love pumpkins.




More layabouts. I told Sheila that laying in the sun will cause premature aging. That pig never listens.


Carl Gustav.  This goat is such a Goat. If I were to draw a goat it would be this fella.

030 pig and cat

As you can imagine the cats were first to find the best sleeping possies.


I gave the Kids a plank to walk on. Freya decided it needed some cleaning. I guess it is a goat thing.


Hans very sweetly did not stand on Freya’s head just because he could.


Hazel’s ears are bigger than the others. This is normal for the  La Mancha  breed.  You can have little ears and littler ears. Both are good. She is such a sweet girl.

La mancha kid

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. And I also hope you have a lovely day today!

Much love, your friend on the farm



48 Comments on “Sun Gods

  1. The absence of snow in your photos is beautiful! What sweet kids you have – all of them!

  2. Baby goats! Too cute! All that sunshine there…….and warmth, everyone must be loving it. Hard not to become absolutely mesmerized with those goat toddlers!

  3. your posts always make my day good, even if it started out wrong…..Thank you for the lovely pictures

  4. You are having fun photographing the goaties. I am having fun looking at the goties. The markings on Carl Gustav’s back are wonderful. Little spots of white. Pairs of pigs laying about, enjoying the sun. Soon, it will be warm enough to have mud pies and mud baths for Sheila and Poppy! Great idea about the pumpkins. Tima will have to be told not to eat the leaves. 🙂 Have a good day!

  5. The goats are adorable. What is it about goats? I just love them. Everyone looks so happy to be in the sunshine with no snow laying about. I think we are all relishing that at the moment . Fingers crossed no more snow.

  6. Hazel has the cutest ears! Ours have the tiniest ears, close to their heads. Everyone looks so fat and sassy there on the farmy in the glorious sunshine!!! xo

  7. Can I tell you a secret…I have to admit that I am rather partial to Hazel with the ears above all else. Goats and droopy ears are magical. Freya is lovely, but Hazel is decidedly going to be my favorite when it comes to my shallow judgement regarding appearance.

  8. Spring is arriving and you have kids. The girls and I have wanted to come back out to the farmy for quite some time and now we REALLY want to come out. Your little farmy is growing.

  9. I’m with Deb, Hazel it is, the others weird me out a bit, they look unfinished somehow. Lovely to see all the Piggies soaking up the rays again. Laura

  10. Gorgeous goats
    all get my vote,

    Pumpkins for pigs
    and cows
    May they be good and big!
    to make us wow!

    Sorry, I’m feeling silly today.

    On Countryfile last night (BBC TV) they were herding a large number of Galloway Belteds up on to snowy moors in Cumbria. We were told how tough they are – not turning a hair in the face of a blizzard, while the two presenters were shivering in their puffa jackets, hats and scarves.
    love, ViV

  11. There is nothing better than having fun in the sun after a long winter. Sheila and all the others are getting their much needed vitamin D.☀️

  12. Lovely photos. There’s a definite feeling of spring about them. The kids look adorable. And I do like the ‘layabouts’ enjoying the sun – quite right too.

  13. It looks like a pet day after all the winter hardship. I want to wander, then find a sunny spot to sit and listen to all the tales the animals tell!

  14. I’m trying hard to learn the new names of everyone. It’s like learning a classroom of students names in a hurry. Everyone is cuter than the next.

    • To make it easier: Freya and Hazel are the Does who will stay on the farm. The boys Hans and Carl will go and live up on the ridge with their new owner – in a month or so

  15. love these cute Kids!!! I think Miss Hazi is the cutest too! that’s a sweet picture of her!! looks like they’re having fun walking the plank ~ great addition to the farm! awww ~ little Miss Kitty! she’s all happy waving her tail thru the air to tip toe thru the sunshine! Are you taking a bunch of farm pictures for your program in Portland? have a great day Celi ~ supposed to be 80 here today!

  16. Oh happy spring! 😀 Chloe says that the kids are too cute and loves the tail on the kitten (who is very quickly becoming a cat!). Brilliant. More farmy friends to love. X

  17. Spring is here! I see it in your photos!

    My husband gave Squish a shovel, and I am going to buy him seeds. We may just have a garden this year. A six-year-old with a shovel and some determination can turn some earth.

  18. Maybe pumpkins for people dinners as well, or will that not translate onto local plates? (rhyme unintentional, I have not the talents of Viv!)

  19. Hans the young gentleman, Freya the lady: perchance some matters are inborn 🙂 ! Carl Gustav so handsome: well, so was my paternal grandfather with exactly the same name [the only Estonian one] so guess whom I’ll follow 🙂 !

  20. I love that your animals look so very content ! And I have absolutely no idea that cows enjoy eating pumpkins !!

  21. Goats love pumpkins too! They will produce marigold colored milk! 🙂

  22. Ha ha! Forrest saw me looking at the goat photos and said, “Don’t be getting any ideas, Little Girl”. They sure are cute and full of personality! Isn’t the sun just blissful?

      • We are supposed to have chances of rain for the next week. I hope so, my allergies from tree pollen have really gotten me down. I’ve had a sinus infection and headaches… really putting a damper on my outdoor activities. 😦

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