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Sharing the Milk

Lady Astor and I had a good think together yesterday. Cows and I mind-think  – think like a cow and all that.  My Plan has always been to share-milk with the cows this year. They are older girls and have not ever been house… Continue Reading “Sharing the Milk”

Time for milking

At milking time, Daisy sees TonTon appear in the field and then walks to the gate and up into the yards. For a little munch. She hears the pump go on and off as I rinse the lines and the bucket and comes to… Continue Reading “Time for milking”

Guess what?! We are all good today.

Yesterday flowed. It trickled along from one thing to the next. And at every bus stop of the day, my little metaphorical red bus puttered up,  work got on or off in a gentle orderly fashion. Work was started and finished and wandered back… Continue Reading “Guess what?! We are all good today.”