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How to make a lambs coat and the last view from the coupe for a while.

This is the view out to the East from the tiny house. Our winter sunrise view. However the Kiwi Builder has wrapped it up like fish and chips in the building paper that is emblazoned with the name of a certain big box building… Continue Reading “How to make a lambs coat and the last view from the coupe for a while.”

Country Air Conditioning

I have begun to feed hay out to the animals now. There is a little feed left in the fields but they are grazing very low to the ground now. And my fields are very young. There are lots of dried off tops which… Continue Reading “Country Air Conditioning”

Guess what?! We are all good today.

Yesterday flowed. It trickled along from one thing to the next. And at every bus stop of the day, my little metaphorical red bus puttered up,  work got on or off in a gentle orderly fashion. Work was started and finished and wandered back… Continue Reading “Guess what?! We are all good today.”

Farm days

This morning early, I took the dogs for a walk (the two cats who come along think they are taking us for a walk) and checked the fences. In the barn, I fed Daisy( dairy cow, who I really hope is pregnant) some of… Continue Reading “Farm days”