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It rained almost all day yesterday. Lovely gentle warm rain. I came in from the evening chores soaked to the first layer and happy as a lark. The trees are blooming. Here are two of my favourites: Magnolia ‘Butterflies’  This is the most wonderful… Continue Reading “Rain”

My new Drink

One of the oldest members of the Fellowship- Katherine and Greg at Rufus’s often put up the most glorious drinks on their blog. Plus they are wee bit partial to a glass of champers- darlink. So this one is for them. My new favourite… Continue Reading “My new Drink”

Pulling your weight

I was showing Triple T my spiders knees arm muscles yesterday while we were waiting for another flurry of bales to be thrown, by John down below, onto the clatter box and up into the loft of the barn where we stood ready to stack.… Continue Reading “Pulling your weight”

The Russian Queen

“The Bees have arrived” she called. The Postmistress had received a delivery of bees.   She has me on speed dial due to my tendency to receive unusual mail.  So off I went to collect them. I left the dogs home this one time.… Continue Reading “The Russian Queen”

Ice Cold Water

The creek (that is really a ditch) has been covered in ice thick enough to walk on for months now. In the last few days it has begun to break up, clink and clank its way into life, yesterday great shards of windowpane ice… Continue Reading “Ice Cold Water”

Mama finds her voice again and Kupa is moved into the chook house

When I went out to feed the animals yesterday morning Mama had her front feet up in the feeder and was peering at me over the fence. What a welcome sight. And then in the afternoon  she found her voice and baa-ed at me… Continue Reading “Mama finds her voice again and Kupa is moved into the chook house”

The Corn Thief

Boo has  begun stealing ripe dry maize out of the field. They call it field corn here. Oh yes! He eats it! He is one BAD Boy. Bad Boo. Sheila is on a diet and deeply unimpressed.  Did I tell you that I have… Continue Reading “The Corn Thief”

The Home Grown September Challenge is a Bliss-full Challenge.

I began the September Home Grown Challenge  almost two weeks ago and with only one 24 hour break,  when I went to Chicago, I have been dining in on home grown fresh food.  We are streaming along. The food is glorious.   I do… Continue Reading “The Home Grown September Challenge is a Bliss-full Challenge.”

Bees on Marble and the Cow’s Dining Car

Bees are great ones for sleeping in. Only the scouts were out and about in this early morning shot. But once the worker bees get the message this will be a busy plate later in the day.  As the demand grows I will put… Continue Reading “Bees on Marble and the Cow’s Dining Car”

In chronological order, some days are just like that

It is dry now. Not unusual for September. So I am watering.  The first thing I do every morning is load the dehydrator and start the sauce. Oh and here is the link to the tomato sauce I am making today. It is from… Continue Reading “In chronological order, some days are just like that”