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HOME again, home again. Jiggedy Jig.

Guest Post: Suburban Bees

Greetings from Northern California! As I write, the rain is pouring down, a real boon for our drought-stricken area. Looking outside, I can see the plants in our raised beds looking a little limp, and our chickens huddled miserably in the dry corner of… Continue Reading “Guest Post: Suburban Bees”

My new Drink

One of the oldest members of the Fellowship- Katherine and Greg at Rufus’s often put up the most glorious drinks on their blog. Plus they are wee bit partial to a glass of champers- darlink. So this one is for them. My new favourite… Continue Reading “My new Drink”

Sheep in a box

Marcel has taken to spending his entire day in this box. I think he may have been bullied by these two. Though I am sure butter would not melt in their mouths. It may be time for Marcel to join the flock.  Here is the… Continue Reading “Sheep in a box”

Bees, calves and fields

The bees are bringing in the pollen.   The calves, Auntie Del and the Bobby and Marcel are rousting about with dogs. Goofing about and being cool. The fields are gorgeous. I am writing and weeding. The perfect combination. Soon, soon. Have a lovely… Continue Reading “Bees, calves and fields”

The Russian Queen

“The Bees have arrived” she called. The Postmistress had received a delivery of bees.   She has me on speed dial due to my tendency to receive unusual mail.  So off I went to collect them. I left the dogs home this one time.… Continue Reading “The Russian Queen”

Bees and Bees and Baby Bumps

So much good news. I was clearing the bees doorway yesterday afternoon.  It was above freezing and such a beautiful day without a breath of wind. I put my ear to the beehive and there they were, making their disapproval  known with a deep… Continue Reading “Bees and Bees and Baby Bumps”

The bees are alive, and beating the cold back with a stick.

I know that the cold (we are below freezing for a while now: 3F (-17C) this morning) might try and make us feel bleak.  Pulling at the loose threads of our cardi’s trying to unravel us.  Butting heads with our warm outlooks. But look… Continue Reading “The bees are alive, and beating the cold back with a stick.”

Bees on Marble and the Cow’s Dining Car

Bees are great ones for sleeping in. Only the scouts were out and about in this early morning shot. But once the worker bees get the message this will be a busy plate later in the day.  As the demand grows I will put… Continue Reading “Bees on Marble and the Cow’s Dining Car”

And then the apples began –

Yesterday just as I was getting into the swing of freezing corn on the cob, with the sweetcorn garden  relish bubbling away, and the bread rising on the racks above the stove where a tray of sweetcorn kernels were drying, my neighbour popped over… Continue Reading “And then the apples began –”