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Even though her temperature is down to normal I am very afraid for Del my big tall Ayrshire. My milk cow. Only weeks away from calving and this terrible bout of pneumonia has ravaged her.

My new Drink

One of the oldest members of the Fellowship- Katherine and Greg at Rufus’s often put up the most glorious drinks on their blog. Plus they are wee bit partial to a glass of champers- darlink. So this one is for them. My new favourite… Continue Reading “My new Drink”

Dirty Windows

This morning I will milk the cow, clean the buckets and the milking parlour, strain and store the house milk. Feed The Bobby and Marcel their milk. Feed the pigs their milk and hay and a little grain (for Poppy).( Who is taking after… Continue Reading “Dirty Windows”


The Southerly wind threw itself at us yesterday. Spitting heavy rain in amongst the gales.  Shaking the doors and windows looking to stick its long scissorhands fingers in through the cracks.  The barn was easy prey for windy fingernails. It is a colander of a barn. More holes than… Continue Reading “Green”

Storm coming

They say. Who are they, anyway? Did they say? Poor They. The weather They. It would not surprise me to hear that They have all quit.  Just up and gone away. They simply cannot bear to tell me about the weather today.  There is a storm coming… Continue Reading “Storm coming”


Awake to Dawn Light. Awake. Really Awake. Barely Awake. Sometimes Awake. Oh, there you are. Awake. Yesterday we were simply awake. Drifting through our day and tired at the end of it. Daisy’s udder is showing considerable fullness. And she stood quietly for almost… Continue Reading “Awake”

Ice, Ice everywhere and not a block for my drink

Thank you for all yesterdays excellent comments re: printing Sheila’s calender. I have some wonderful avenues to explore now, in my search for ways for Sheila to make some pin money to buy extra feed and maybe outfit a new summer area for her… Continue Reading “Ice, Ice everywhere and not a block for my drink”

If Daisy had a Stick and a Thumb

She would bash me for this shot! Not long Daisy Girl. My two big fat pregnant cows. March is breathing down my neck and since it does not look like Sheila is going to respond to the hormone treatment. She has been keeping herself… Continue Reading “If Daisy had a Stick and a Thumb”

Guess who has come home!

I got up before dawn yesterday morning, after a night fretting about Sheila and decided to bring her home. That is that, I thought. Bad weather was coming again. She was not well. I told the nice young fella that I was worried about… Continue Reading “Guess who has come home!”

Frostbite on Barn Chickens

Still cold. Do you see Daisy’s breath? First  something pretty: The Old Codger has given me his snow shoes .. aren’t they wonderful. When I walk the dogs across the snow in the morning I shall be wearing these .  I look forward to… Continue Reading “Frostbite on Barn Chickens”