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Tick tack

When Mr Flowers has his tail up at full power he does this funny thing. Imagine the tail spread out  as an enormous fan, maybe 150 to 200 feathers ,   now count in ten feathers from the right and imagine the next four feathers… Continue Reading “Tick tack”

Important Advice

From Sheila : Your Big Fat Pig.  When engaged in a decadent bout of spring sunbathing. One must always wear a hat. On one’s head. And yes, that is the water barrel. And yes she has plenty of places to sleep in the shade. But this… Continue Reading “Important Advice”


The Southerly wind threw itself at us yesterday. Spitting heavy rain in amongst the gales.  Shaking the doors and windows looking to stick its long scissorhands fingers in through the cracks.  The barn was easy prey for windy fingernails. It is a colander of a barn. More holes than… Continue Reading “Green”

Sheila hates her diet so much she tried stealing the chook food.

I am not sure if this is Pania again, too far away to see if she has the gap in her crown or not. But What is she doing up there again?  Probably trying to warm me about what I would find in the… Continue Reading “Sheila hates her diet so much she tried stealing the chook food.”

Your voice echoes when there is snow in the clouds

Yesterday it snowed again. But it was a gentle sweet silent snow that did not last too long. But the clouds sat heavy. Heavy clouds breathing light snow. Like kind gods. A benevolent uncle kind of snow. I set about trapping and catching the… Continue Reading “Your voice echoes when there is snow in the clouds”

Have you ever made funny faces for a baby…

But the baby does not care… Poor BooBoo. No more laughing, it hurts to laugh. But every time I look at that shot this morning I laugh out loud. Then look what Baby Marmalade did next … Went to sleep in my sewing basket..… Continue Reading “Have you ever made funny faces for a baby…”

Mini apple pies in mason jar rings

Have you ever thought of using  preserving jar rings to create personal little pies?  Mini apple pies adapted from here .  I found this idea on pinterest. (Join me there if you would like.  I post my favourite image from each farm day on my pinterest… Continue Reading “Mini apple pies in mason jar rings”

The New Daily View

Yes, the Daily View has changed. No more tree house and a lot less foliage. But still minor compared to a lot of damage around the area. Here is the Daily View from exactly a year ago. If you want to check out that… Continue Reading “The New Daily View”

And so the cold comes..

But not to all of us.  Some of us get to lay about in the sun and play. While the rest of us work. More walnuts, I will dry them for cakes. Walnuts are very high in protein. First though, it is important to… Continue Reading “And so the cold comes..”

TonTon remains stoic

Ton has been the best behaved dog in the history of dogdom since Blue was unexpectedly foisted upon him.  He is not thrilled especially when Blue has picked his tail up in his mouth and chewed on it. He is stoic but unsmiling. On… Continue Reading “TonTon remains stoic”