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The Ring-Master

Sheila. Showing you her performing cows.  She literally has them running rings around her. They obey her every bark. Not a lot of news from yesterday unless you want to call weather news. Which I would rather not but that is all I have.… Continue Reading “The Ring-Master”

The Two-headed Monster

When we were kids the seats in the cars were bench seats- you could sit four skinny people comfortably across the front seat. (Bucket seats are such a kill-joy). Lovey-dovey couples would sit close together – usually the fella driving and the girl jammed as close as she… Continue Reading “The Two-headed Monster”

Farm Sex

I don’t mean to be provocative with that heading but really poor Carlos the Tiny was a busy boy yesterday.  Lady Astor came into heat (I was advised by the vet not to give her a break as she would put on too much… Continue Reading “Farm Sex”

Pig Farrowing Huts

This morning, the moment after  I’ Press Publish’,  I will leap up and gently turn the incubating eggs (one more day of ‘turning’ to go) then on with the hoodie, the extra pair of socks, farm overalls, the scarf, hattie, jacket, gloves then overgloves… Continue Reading “Pig Farrowing Huts”

Short Exciting Walks

Our walks are short at the moment. For two reasons – Tima has very short legs. And then she has to stop every few minutes to play ‘Gleeful Manchurian Mustache’  The Game (the rules are obscure) with TonTon, who can call out “Help me!” in 17 different… Continue Reading “Short Exciting Walks”

Important Advice

From Sheila : Your Big Fat Pig.  When engaged in a decadent bout of spring sunbathing. One must always wear a hat. On one’s head. And yes, that is the water barrel. And yes she has plenty of places to sleep in the shade. But this… Continue Reading “Important Advice”

Onwards and Upwards

I am still trying to capture the murdering bastard who has caught and eaten seven of my chickens. Yesterday there was no mink in the trap but the cat food was gone. So last night John set the trap just to be sure. He has… Continue Reading “Onwards and Upwards”

All Is Well

TonTon, our darling Border Collie is fine. The growth under his chin, big enough to fit in my cupped hand, is a cyst. Possibly the result of a heamotoma or maybe something else, the Doc said. However he has antibiotics for the next ten… Continue Reading “All Is Well”

Blue takes it upon himself to work the sheep.

This week, all things being equal, we shall have a roof and the siding done on The Coupe. I hope! I am trying SO HARD to be patient. Blue has been very carefully helping Ton put the naughty Murphy back in his paddock each… Continue Reading “Blue takes it upon himself to work the sheep.”

Walkabout with TonTon

TonTon and I spent a good part of the afternoon going over all the animals and making lists as to what needs to be done and taking stock. Queenie is in Pat’s Paddock with Hairy and there is  enough feed in there to keep… Continue Reading “Walkabout with TonTon”