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Mr Flowers had been obviously depressed these last two days. He had lost Pania.  

Lounge of Comments.

All day long I think of things to tell you.  But by the evening my mind falls into a blank. Or at least it did last night.  So here is Sheila who was caught on camera with her eyes closed – doesn’t this happen… Continue Reading “Lounge of Comments.”

Good Order

I am still waiting for the pawpaws to ripen so I can make the pawpaw ice-cream. They are late this year. I hope they ripen before it gets cold as it is already getting coldER. You asked me how I keep track of everything.… Continue Reading “Good Order”

Silence made Simple

Silence made Simple by Sheila. I hope you have a lovely day. celi  

Out on the grass

I always feel better when the animals can get right out on the grass – into the air and the dirt. The babies of the farm especially need to be able to lie in the grass on a warm day. Yesterday we extended the… Continue Reading “Out on the grass”

The Two-headed Monster

When we were kids the seats in the cars were bench seats- you could sit four skinny people comfortably across the front seat. (Bucket seats are such a kill-joy). Lovey-dovey couples would sit close together – usually the fella driving and the girl jammed as close as she… Continue Reading “The Two-headed Monster”

Is that the big pig?

I had been telling Inaki about my big pig. And as I introduced him to all the animals he was interested to meet this well loved Big Pig. – Is that the Big Pig? said Inaka looking at Manu my one year old Hereford… Continue Reading “Is that the big pig?”

The Eyes of a Toad

Look who introduced himself to me in the glasshouse yesterday. A Glasshouse Toad with very determined eyes.  I left him in there – the cold is coming back soon and he has come out of his hibernation – better he stays in the glasshouse and hunts… Continue Reading “The Eyes of a Toad”

What cold looks like

By the time I got in last night from feeding and bedding down all the creatures it was 16 degrees (-8C) . With wind. They were forecasting an overnight temperature of 7F (-13C)  but I have not checked to see what it went down to yet.… Continue Reading “What cold looks like”

The White Truck

Now that it is colder I need the white truck to transport me and the dogs and the pigs food and waters across to the West Barn. Of course I am usually carrying 6 x 5 gallon buckets  of water. But yesterday was warmer and… Continue Reading “The White Truck”