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All day long I think of things to tell you.  But by the evening my mind falls into a blank. Or at least it did last night. sheila

So here is Sheila who was caught on camera with her eyes closed – doesn’t this happen to all of us once in a while.

Once again yesterdays Lounge of Comments was bubbling with information and interesting facts. I am always fascinated by the endless battle for balance, that we are a part of, between the wild animals and our domestic animals. We have a contract with the animals under our care to protect them, but we also have a contract with our land and our wildlife and Our Mother’s Nature, to allow it to exist to help nature heal.  It is a difficult balance, maybe an impossible one – certainly an ancient one.  But we must be wide awake to the repercussions of our actions.

Poppy’s Nine continue to do well though they are in their inquisitive yet brainless stage getting stuck in places no piglets have ever found to stick before and I literally had to pull three piglets out of the bottom level of the hog panel, they had got their heads and front feet through, this is where the bars are closer, (specifically to keep piglets IN) and they were screaming their heads off, with Poppy barking and shouting millimeters from my hands as I tried to dislodge them  – a bit like pulling a fish hook out the wrong way by the way with the added tension of a pigs hot breath on my neck – not to mention her long smelly teeth.  I got the piglets out and Poppy immediately took them to the other side of the area for their dinner.  Barking and remonstrating them the whole way.  I moved as quickly as I could away from her space. peahen

Can we look at this wee piglet again.

little piglet

Poppy is getting frustrated being locked out of the field. Today I will open the gate to the pigs garden and see if that helps, but you know what she is like, she will be rattling the gates. Poppy is a great mother but she gets stir crazy. So while she paces the garden I will be busy tomorrow putting up the electric fence so she can get out onto the grass.  I keep telling her the cold is coming! But the electric fence will keep her close to home and wherever she is her babies will follow.

I do love the Lounge of Comments. Sometimes when things are busy I do not get to answer all your comments but I read them all and Love them. Thank you so much for coming on into the Lounge of Comments and adding to our conversation.

I hope you have a lovely day


22 Comments on “Lounge of Comments.

  1. Amazing how fast the piglets grow and change! I remember the piglets getting into places they weren’t intended to fit and the sow’s barking while they squealed, can’t say I miss that part. Thank you for sharing the Farmy with us every day Celi.

  2. Wow I know you had to free them, but I would not of liked to be in your shoes with a distressed poppy breathing down my neck! 😱

  3. When I was a kid on our farm I don’t remember being afraid of pigs. It was the roosters and geese that chased me away. I loved the baby chicks.

  4. Poppy seems to be a very good protective mother..only sqealing and moaning because her baby was making such a racket and even though you were the good samaritan she obviously did not see it that way…but aint they all so cute.. It amazes me that you always have time to sit and write a post,even at the end of a long hard day..l am sure that l speak for the whole Fellowship when l say how much we appreciate all your hard work and we all love you….

    • I will add my Amen! to Patrecia’s last sentiment. We know you must be tired after the thousands of things you do & steps you tread. We all appreciate so much your wonderful photographs & lovely writing. Thank you, Celi.

  5. I imagine Poppy was screaming “Celi Celi help, we need help, get the babies!!” They are so adorable and skinny, I didn’t realize you can see their little bones. They will be pudgy little things soon.

  6. I am sure Poppy ( and every animal on the Farmy ) knows that things are always get better when Miss C is around. It is indeed us who are privileged to be armchair farmers while you do all the hard work and running around and updating us everyday. Thank you. We have had 24hrs of soft soaking rain – at last 🙂 Laura

  7. This is my ‘ah’ moment each morning – I do not make it back often after my morning starts – but I do love browsing the comments occasionally.

    That little baby looks so soft and velvety. The bond between you and your animals is so precious. Poppy could have hurt you but she knew you were there helping her – I know PIGS are PIGS and not the smartest – but there is an instinct from being raised by you I think.

    Now about the weather – we went from 90’s to 70’s in a short few hours overnight…… and I actually feel cold this morning! And I never feel cold! May have to converse with Sheila on how to build a better ‘nest’ tonight. 😉

  8. ah Miss C! You are a wonder how you can do all the loving work you do each day! Big hugs to you and all your farmy animals!

  9. Us piglets can get into strange places. Once when I was small, I tried to get behind the sofa. Mom had stuck a pillow in the corner to block me. I thought I could jump the pillow. I couldn’t. Darn this pot belly of mine. I got stuck hanging over the pillow. All mom could see was my butt in the air and my legs moving but not touching anything. It was so embarrassing. Snorts and oinks! XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. I hope that visual made you smile 🙂

  10. I had wondered about your safety around a mama pig when you have to help out like that. With a baby squealing and mama barking, it could get quickly out of hand. You always seem to know what they need and want like any good mother of children but your children are the animals. Your bunch probably know how lucky they are. Does my heart good to come here.

  11. The lovely thing about your lounge is that it’s always open, no matter where I might be. Like this morning. Entertaining me while I wait in the Phoenix airport for my flight taking me to my first Writers Conference. Have a lovely day and thanks for your welcoming lounge.

  12. I have also wondered about your safety when there is such commotion around the pigs. Even Poppy. She knows you well but she is still a pig. And might I add that Manu certainly has an easy life! These are his piglets, too! lol

  13. I just don’t know how you run your farm and blog everyday, but I love love love reading your blog, you are amazing, and the way you make us all fell so welcome, and part of the Farmy……it’s just magic. Jenny xxxxx

  14. I can’t blame Poppy for being a little flustered and agitated… who wouldn’t be with screaming hungry piglets all about in a confined area? I think she would probably be a wonderful wild hog mother… running about in the woodlands feasting on browse, pecans and acorns. And of course rooting up a good wallow of mud after a rain, and rubbing her rear on trees after? Yes, I could totally see her in running wild and free. 😀

  15. The piglets look so smooth and cuddly It’s good that Poppy trusts you, or you would have lost the 3 adventurers. Fingers crossed.

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