Your skeleton

Look at your skeleton.  Lucky we are to have one. Have you ever looked at your fingers, felt around them, pushing the skin about, worrying at the bones laying there under your skin. Like a bone person living within you? Harder yet gentler. Have you ever  run one finger down the other finger  feeling the bone in there. There is a bone in there you know.
black and white

We prefer to live without looking too deeply.  Like looking at a black and white image that is quite appealing.

Compared to this red image, the real one, that is a bloody visceral mess, all the piglets passed out asleep under their heat lamp. Their red heat lamp.  Red is not a restful colour. But this is what they really look like.

Happy wee piglets. About this time in their development  (four/five days old) the piglets begin to seek warmth away from their mother. Until now they would sleep very close to their mothers. But now they are in the creep most of the time, where they can lay out flat and safe. Relaxed.  No worries about sudden sow movements from their mothers razor feet.

The cold must be coming because all the animals are building big warm beds.

And  look at how fast these piggies are putting on weight in their black and white rendition.
black and white piglets

black and white

The heat lamp is above a metal trash bin for two reasons.  1. The metal conducts and retains heat so when it is really cold the piglets have a great big hot water bottle to climb inside and 2. if the light bulb falls it will  smash apart on the metal, lessening the risk of a barn fire.

black and white

By 9pm last night, when I did my last rounds,  the piglets  were all INside the metal rubbish bin, the hot light warming the metal and keeping them all toasty warm while Poppy slept right at the entrance to the creep only a breath away her own skeleton covered in a solid layer of pork fat quite prepared for the winters cold with no need for a heat lamp.

I hope you have  lovely day.


34 Comments on “Your skeleton

  1. Yes, bones are good, healthy bones are brilliant. Bad, damaged, sore bones are not so much fun. Something I hope the beautifully upholstered Miss Poppy and her lovely heathy piglets will never be acquainted with. They have such a good diet, and plenty of opportunity to exercise and strengthen themselves. I wish I was one of Miss Celi’s pigs….

      • I am having fun on our holiday, and being sore afterwards is the price I happily pay for it! And after all, it’s not so very bad any longer, and 10 minutes flat on my back is enough to get rid of the pain. But I’d STILL like to be one of your pigs 🙂

  2. Pork chop piggies..such a shame …but thats life! I would love a piglet as a pet but they have a habit of growing big…think l would still enjoy. They looknso cosy in their creep..all tucked up and dreaming happily of apple sauce.. Yes. I have felt my fingers and easy when your hands get skinny and boney like an old witch. At the time l was practising my Su Jok therapy..looking for a certain point but not sure if l found it. Lots o love

  3. Hmm, I learned something about the benefits of the trash can. I was just cleaning out my mom-in-law’s chicken coop yesterday and thought about asking her again not to use a heater this winter. I really do not feel it is needed in the south but she insists every year. I have terrible memories of barn fires up north in the winters. We never had that happen but neighbors and friends did.

    • It is a very real fear too, I don’t give my chickens lights here and we are terribly cold. Winter terrifies me when i have to use these lamps for the little animals. But only for short periods because going from the hot to the cold and back again is not so good for their health in the long run. Soon the piglets will just bury themselves in the straw. c

  4. I think about my skeleton quite a lot. It asks me to think about it. It aches, you see. Just sometimes. And I’m interested as I get older by how my own flesh sits differently on my bones. I’m quite happy with it actually. But it does change. It all changes. The piglets look so warm and in love with each other. Brotherhood in the flesh. I love that.

  5. They look so peaceful and content. Red light is also much less disturbing to the eyes when they wake at night. One of the reason night ops on a ship is all red lighting. But of course you know this from working with photography and film. 😉

  6. Maybe because it’s harvest time but I see the opening photo and think of a porcine cornucopia, although this one wouldn’t look so good as a Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

  7. My husband told me the other night that I was talking about my hands too much. But I notice them more now that I am sixty. The blue veins. The brown spots. The think skin. They look sixty.

  8. Yesterday I attended a funeral and as we left the coffin in the ground, stepping on the thick damp grass back to the car, I took my niece’s hand. It felt so solid and good. I had never held her hand before.
    On another subject, I heard the poet –last name Alexander–can’t remember her first name at the moment–speak of her poems as having “good bones”. (She spoke at Obama’s inauguration.)

  9. hmmm, just thinking of our bones, our framework, what gives us shape; will we be tall or short, delicate or rugged. Our bones really do create the model, don’t they. Never really thought about it before. Seems our heat has left us here too and the days are progressively becoming cooler. Not out of order; it is getting close to the end of October. I just hope our winter, and yours too, is gentle with us. Everybody’s bones, including little piggies’ I bet, thrive O so much more easily in a kinder, gentler winter season. Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  10. Not my bones but the newest additon to our household’s bones…Diesel, a Koolie, is touchy feely, loves pats and leaning, so I’m reacquainting with the feel & joy of it 🐶

    • Ooooh! I didn’t know what a Koolie was so I Googled it. Congratulations! Pretty dog!

      • A new breed for us too. We have had dogs similar to Miss C’s Boo Boo however wanted to retain their memory rather than repeating. But we wanted to home a rescue working dog, because they are so active they aren’t easy to place, and he at a year old has come our way via the RSPCA.

    • I Googled also – such beautiful and varied colouring! But a dog that needs a job, so that will perhaps keep you busy as well.

      And I know what you mean by the joy of it. There is nothing quite like a dog who loves you, they show you in so many ways that can make your heart melt.

      I wish you many good years together.
      Chris S in Canada

      • Thank you ♡ He is a plain shiny black, brown eyed Koolie but handsome we think. As well as working, they can be a good companion dog if they have enough stimulation. I’m enjoying learning his style, and also remembering simple tge tactile joy of his company.

  11. Nope 🙂 !! Put ‘the skeleton’, mine that is, on the backburner quite some time ago. A little too well covered at the moment in parts anyways but with rather painful genetic changes to it about which I valiantly try to forget. If you do not think about it, it kind’of ‘goes away 🙂 !!! Awfully loving ‘sibling’ photos . . .

  12. a dog is made of bones and meat; his body’s kind of long and round, and at its corners there are legs, to keep this body off the ground; a head and tail at either end; we will find if we search with care, and all these different parts of dog are neatly wrapped in skin and hair; reputedly from My Uncle Bill Johnson; an .EB white type of guy who enchanted me as a child and probably caused me to become a writer; Nobel prize for him in my child’s mind

  13. Bones give us substance. Your piglets have beautiful bones and are already putting beautiful meat on those bones. Fire is a very real concern. My husband’s family lost 500 sows and piglets in a barn fire. Horrendous. Safe winter to all.

  14. Piglets, especially piles of sleeping piglets, are irresistibly cute. I’ve learned two things from this post. First, I’ve never thought of the trash can under the heat lamp thing. We’ll try that the next time we have to use a heat lamp. Second, it has never occurred to me to use black and white when taking photos of babies under the heat lamp, to get rid of the weird red glow. Gonna do that too now. 🙂

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