Taking the sun

Though it is cold enough for me to be wearing my winter farm jacket now, Poppy’s babies still came out with her today to play in the autumnal sun.
piglets and cows





Tane and Tima have shifted into their winter home.

Tane It will a bit of a jig saw getting everyone a pen in the barns with an outdoor area this year – my stock has grown. But even in winter they must all have easy access to the great outdoors and this rule (my rule) makes things a bit difficult sometimes.  But Tima and Tane  (the old kunekune couple) have the sun-room in the barn so they are sorted. Today I am going to get up and clean their window, we seem to have accumulated a lot of cobwebs and dust over this summer.  Even the barn needs constant house-keeping. TaneTane’s hips are still causing him to limp, though he is much better these last few days. He seems to have improved in the colder weather which is odd  but the more exercise he takes the better  so possibly it is the bigger field that is helping. We start a new course of anti-inflammatory medication shortly.

Good morning. It is still dark, the mornings have closed in quickly with the approach of winter, (sunrise is 7.14am  today- first light at 6.45 and sunset is at 6pm) and we begin our day at dawn just like the birds, so I have time for another cup of coffee before we begin.  Even the dogs are still in bed, curled up in their sleeping pods on the veranda.

It is going to be a warm day too 74F (23C) with lots of sun – another good day for piglets.

I hope you have a lovely day.



22 Comments on “Taking the sun

    • I only have 1 – 26 oz cup of coffee a day and I have it all at once. She bows low with much love, Gayle

    • I only have one cup of coffee a day. It’s 26 ounces and I have it all at once. She bows low with much love, Gayle

  1. My arthritis is always much improved in dry, colder weather. I feel for you Tane! The piglets are looking sleek and healthy as well. Beautiful babies.

  2. Those are warm temps indeed with the onset of winter looming. Poppy’s family look so healthy and happy out in the play yard. The days got shorter quite quickly here too. That’s the only part of the colder months that I don’t enjoy. Waiting for daylight. Have a zen Sunday.

  3. Look at those piglets, they are growing like crazy . At 7:10 it is getting light here on the pacific coast while I’m waiting for my first cup of coffee .

  4. My goodness.those piggies have grown…have a good dy in the sunshine

  5. OMG those little piglets are adorable! The Kunekunes have grown so big, it’s difficult to remember how tiny they once were. It’s a beautiful sunny day here too, we’re taking the new wheels on a spin to see some fall colours and a bite of lunch.

  6. All your animals have a wonderful shine to their coats – I love that second shot of Tane, lying contentedly in a ray of sunshine. He still looks so much like an Ewok in that first pic 🙂

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