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Pictures of piglets

In the night, not last night but the night before, one new born piglet died (he was a big one too) and one of the peahens died. It was Mrs Flowers. It was a normal night – not even terribly cold. Strange. But there… Continue Reading “Pictures of piglets”

Out on the grass

I always feel better when the animals can get right out on the grass – into the air and the dirt. The babies of the farm especially need to be able to lie in the grass on a warm day. Yesterday we extended the… Continue Reading “Out on the grass”

A disaster for Tahiti

Tahiti gave birth to her piglets last night and has turned out to be the worst kind of mother. She had killed three by the time I even got to the barn. It was terrible. I managed to calm her so the babies could drink… Continue Reading “A disaster for Tahiti”

Shots of tiny piglets

Because of the humidity and Molly’s (and my) distress at her slow recovery from the birth of eleven healthy piglets,  I opened the big barn door on the side of her farrowing pen and held my breath.  Usually I don’t let them all out… Continue Reading “Shots of tiny piglets”

Videos of Hereford Piglets

Because I think that Hereford piglets are the cutest piglets EVER. And Poppy’s babies are friendly and endlessly sweet. Not too many words today so you can spend time smiling at babies. Amanda’s mother has come for a few days to help out in… Continue Reading “Videos of Hereford Piglets”

Somebody has been playing with Skunks

The Old Codger says that TonTon thinks skunks are his long lost brothers being Black and White and all. NO Ton they may be pretty but they are laughing at you. TonTon hates the skunk off. But it is the only thing that will… Continue Reading “Somebody has been playing with Skunks”

I smell like a cow

Well to be precise by the end of the day yesterday I smelt like milk. Hopefully in a good way.  It was an odor that hung about me and made all the animals snuffle when I was close. So I figured I would go… Continue Reading “I smell like a cow”

Introducing Sheila who has spotty ears and .. um, Charlotte.. OOPS

The Swine Herd was sitting on a lawn chair,  in the shade,  just inside his stables.  Like an old gunslinger outside a dusty tavern. He was an old man, tall, handsome and vigorous.  He unfolded himself from his chair and strode across to open… Continue Reading “Introducing Sheila who has spotty ears and .. um, Charlotte.. OOPS”