Shots of tiny piglets

Because of the humidity and Molly’s (and my) distress at her slow recovery from the birth of eleven healthy piglets,  I opened the big barn door on the side of her farrowing pen and held my breath.  Usually I don’t let them all out until the piglets are a little older and the yard is a little cleaner.  But Molly had to come out – no sun and no breeze is not conducive to health. The humidity and flies were beating us.  She was just laying in that big pen panting.

She is a very sweet little mother.sow and pigs

And it worked, the tiny piglets began to play, Molly came out,  spilled some water from her bucket and lay down on the damp concrete around her pig bath, the flies dissipated from the barn and the big pig family spent the whole day in their airy shady yard. Though Molly is still not terribly active she is feeding her brood well and they are growing fast and her breathing is returning to normal.  I am giving her aspirin three times a day, she is getting a low fiber diet (lots of fiber increases body temps) and the swelling around her rear end is dropping.  And she is eating to beat the band.

Last night the little pigs were all cuddled up in their little dog kennel just outside the barn door with their mother stretched out behind.  Maybe this is ideal, maybe not, but if I think like a pig I know I cannot change this now.  I have to leave them out there. The yard is piglet proofed. The dogs are watching for intruders.


The little pigs have created their pathways, they are confident and to change them would create confusion and confusion always results in an incident. They are safe and warm and Molly is feeding them outside.  I am not happy with them sleeping outside in the grubby yard when they are so young  but they are pigs and would rather be outside. In a few days I will swap this dog kennel out for a bigger one  but for the moment I must let them be and the weather is forecast for more of the same. Hopefully no stormy weather.

And as we struggle for Molly’s balance the rest of the farm carries on regardless. The cows come in for milking twice a day,   Sheila waits under the cherry tree for a free paddock, Tahlia has left the barn and is wandering the fields with Alex and Txiki, Tahiti is still large but not too close to farrowing thankfully, the cows are grazing the pastures, the gardens are neglected but our dinners are wonderful.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi



32 Comments on “Shots of tiny piglets

  1. You are certainly being kept busy. I am sure the weeds will still be there when you have time – unfortunately. I am very busy cooking lessons and guests in the guest house but it is all fun! Off to make a tomato tart….

  2. I love this time of year with the weather(even hot, humid), the chores and the GARDEN, but, it is totally and completely exhausting. Your little pigs are adorable and I would prolly spend way too much time just watching them. Our heat and humidity, I believe, is too break this weekend. That will give everyone a break. Hope your day is uneventful.

  3. I have never thought of piglets as being so precocious. I worked on a farm with farrowing cages, and the piglets just didn’t move much. It’s incredible to see how alert, aware, and capable they already are!

  4. They look wonderful! The weather is always such a big factor. Hope Molly keeps on recuperating and you get a reprieve from the humidity soon.

  5. they are so sweet….they will be fine I am sure…you take care of them so well..just remember to take care of yourself xxxxx

  6. They look pretty happy out there. Spray them down when the sun is shining on that side of the barn if they get too mucky. I wonder how many of them have Manu’s eyes. I can’t tell.

  7. that last pic gets my vote for the calendar. they are stunning little critters. molly’s heart must be swelling. how’s that for giving animals human characteristics?

  8. They all look so healthy and strong. Do you know how many boys and girls yet? Hope Molly keeps improving. Laura

  9. Having spent the last few days in and out of sleep, I am not sure when last I posted a comment, though I know I have kept up to date on the daily happenings. My favourite photo today is Molly asleep and the piglets playing in their own corner. Boo has that special look about him again… just like every time there are ‘babies’ to be minded!

  10. Those are some very STURDY babies! Just 3 days old in these pictures? What a great breed of pig! Nannie Boo I see is at the ready to protect the babies.

  11. Snorts and squeals with piggy delight!! OMP – They are so cute and growing so FAST. The next thing you know, they will be like me and looking for colleges to attend in the fall. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  12. My, what beautiful special little critters they are! So glad to hear Molly is doing a little better; amazing how we all need air to breathe, eh? And they certainly appear to have grown wildly, or maybe have just gained some strength from all the cavorting around in the out-of-doors. Perhaps a combination of both size and strength. Although, upon a second viewing, it is noted they are not much bigger than Mama’s snout…. heh heh However, they are proper little piggies now, instead of newborn infants.
    Well, I hope between other chores, you have a lovely day too, watching these babies grow before your very eyes! ~ Mame 🙂

  13. I once used a 55 gallon drum on its side stuffed with bedding, the wee piglets loved it.. they outgrew it fast enough but it worked like a charm for the time it was used.. the piglets look great and I am glad momma is getting better each day!

  14. I not only LIKE this post, I adore it! Little piggy ones are such fun to watch and Molly…I have fallen in love with Molly!

  15. A good batch of outdoor air is always good – even if there’s not breeze – just having more air/space around each to dissipate heat seems to help – think of people in a crowded bus. Those little piggies slipping under the wood – cute pictures!
    And of course the handsome dogs at the gate are not to be overlooked

  16. I see where the babies can slip in and out of the yard/barn, but how does Molly get back in if she needs to….is the door open out of shot? I agree with Pat R, that was my thought too…so STURDY for such new and tiny creatures!

  17. Well, the yard may be ‘grubby’ but the babies have had their colostrum, the area has not had any ‘foreign’ pigs bringing in illnesses and this situation of warmth, space, sunlight and plenty of good tucker is increasing their immunity levels by the hour: am sure they will be fine!! And how they are growing 🙂 !!

  18. well aren’t they just the cutest thing. I’ve never been around piglets but I can see how one might just fall in love with them. Glad Molly is breathing better. That must be a huge relief for her and you.

  19. What beautiful babies! Molly had better eat well to feed all those little mouths. 😀

  20. If we were close geographically, I would your pigs the Creeping Charlie from my yard. They would love it and I would love having it all gone. ( I live quite often in my own world of pretend.) I think your pigs are fun. My aunt and uncle had pigs when I was a kid. I haven’t been close to pigs to watch them since then. So, your photos are wonderful. Thanks.

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