The Creep

In the piglets farrowing chamber there are two creeps. A creep is a space that only the baby animal can enter. both these creeps have plenty of dry straw and a warm light.

Molly’s piglets decided to make their own. They found a space between the big old sliding door and the wall that had not quite closed when it was shut up on the day of their birth.  So when I went out yesterday afternoon three wee piglets were outside and asleep behind Molly’s big water bath.

So – going with the flow, I I blocked their escape further, added a small dog house and some straw and  watched them stream in and out of the gap to play out in their own little creep.

It will be dismantled today though as I have decided to open the big door to the outside run a day early. Molly is panting hard, presumably with the heat and we need to get some more direct air in there.  I hope her panting is from the heat – everything else seems fine with her –  this rapid breathing is worrying me.  It is hot but not as hot as it can get during August, she should not be in this amount of stress.  She is eating and drinking heaps though and happy for me to move in and out of the big pen keeping it clean so once she settles I think she will do fine.  She will be happy to get access to her outside toilet anyway.


The chicks get their outside door opened today too.  They are growing fast. The weather is still, hot  and humid.  It is unusual to go this long without a breeze out here on the prairies.  We are all feeling exhausted from it.  The still overcast heat is oppressive.


Another positive side of opening the big door is that the piglets will get more light for having their photos taken! (You can tell I am tired already – my sentences are so weird!).  They will all be closed back in at night.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

32 Comments on “The Creep

  1. Aren’t those just the sweetest faces, and clever too … and is that a rooster in the making down below? We have wild August winds here today, will try to wish a cooling breeze your way. Laura

  2. Beautiful, clever, little piglets. Poor Molly though. I’m curious: when you are worried about something such as her panting, how long do you typically wait before talking to or summoning a vet?

  3. Those piglets are just adorable! I would love to kiss their little ears! Much love, Your Gayle

  4. Look at the intelligence in those days-old eyes… No wonder they’re striking out on their own already. And we have to remember the antics of their granny and mama. I don’t think the introduction of Manu’s genes will have counteracted those generations of naughtiness. Their piglet fuzz and delicate pink ears and white eyelashes are so very endearing…

  5. That last photo speaks of “tenacity” to me! All little critters are made of of much more than we give them credit for… all by tapping into instinct. Your observance of Molly’s breathing and every little nuance of her recovery and the weather conditions parallels with my own inner mother where the wild things are concerned. Hey, weird is GREAT!!

  6. How adoreable! Are you planning to keep all or sell some?
    Hopefully it cools down a bit soon for Molly and all at the farm.

  7. I see that you are making good use of the bee supers in the chick house! There is an excellent use for just about everything on the farm, isn’t there? 🙂
    Do kick back a bit when you can, so as to enjoy to the fullest all the wonderful things happening in the moment! xo

  8. Funny how animals think they know better than us when we think we’ve provided them with everything they need. Hope you get a breeze on the prairie.

  9. aaww I hope mommy is okay. It is hot though – really hot. And then on top of it to have all the baby piglets surrounding her. Wish I was there to help my friend. I’m sure Uncle Bacon could piggy sit. XOXO – Bacon

    • I opened the door for her this morning and just that little bit more air has improved her demeanor. We will just have to cross our fingers that the babies behave with all that extra space!

  10. They are adorable. I can feel your fatigue. But you keep pushing through to take care of everything and everyone since they need you. I hope your heat breaks soon. We are having the oddest weather ever. It feels like fall already here. We have normal low to mid 80’s during the day and 55 to 59 at night. It takes all day to warm up so nothing is growing fast. Weird!

  11. What beautiful little faces those piglets have. I hope a breeze springs up soon for you, heat and humidity are easier to cope with when the air is moving.

  12. Piglets have to be one of the most enduring baby animals there are. And yours are extra special cute, with that sweet, handsome father and beautiful mum they have! 🙂 I hope it will cool off soon for you. Now don’t one of those tiny face fans sound good about now? Again, they just create a slight breeze around your face when the air is so heavy and still. I hate big fans too!

  13. They are adorable, I’d be hard put to part with any of them (though I do like pork). It’s pretty stagnant here too, just slogging through chores is an effort. They’re saying one more day and the humidity and temp. should drop – fingers crossed they know what they’re talking about! All of the critters are pretty lethargic, we have no air conditioning here. Poor horses are in a continual state of ‘wet’, no breeze to evaporate their sweat and hosing them down makes them a magnet for the wretched deer flies. Can’t win! The dogs mostly just keep seeking a cool spot of floor to flop down on. I’m no fan of winter cold but that’s about enough of this mugginess!

  14. Wonder how they’ll act when the second lot arrives any day . . . as far as you are concerned: what about taking Wednesdays off the blog as well as Sundays for the moment: sort’of a part-summer ‘vacation’ until the babies no longer quite as tiny and the weather not quite so muggy . . . ?

    • I am in the habit of blogging every day – it is my way of decanting information – a journal if you like – although I love all my readers of course the blog is my daily diary and you are invited to read it if you wish – I don’t actually write to please people, more to please myself. Does that makes sense? c

      • Absolutely !!! But put it another way: in that case, perchance at times you are a little too hard on yourself . . . when ‘real’ life gets so abysmally busy, perhaps ‘do’ first, ‘record’ later . . . much love E

  15. Those piggies are just such precious little creatures… so perfect looking in every way. Hope your door opening does the trick for their mama; I am sure that is quite a big concern. Hope your day was a lovely one too! ~ Mame 🙂

  16. The chicks and young animals seem to grow right before our very eyes.

  17. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to read this post and learn that the “creep” was an area for the piglets and not some dreaded disease. WIth a name like creep, it would have been one hellacious malady. 🙂

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