Pictures of piglets

In the night, not last night but the night before, one new born piglet died (he was a big one too) and one of the peahens died. It was Mrs Flowers. It was a normal night – not even terribly cold. Strange. But there you are. On a farm with this many animals and birds there will be deaths. But if I cannot pinpoint why, I worry.

And I have no idea why either of these two died. But everyone else is grand.

The little piglets have found their warm spot and when not having a drink they sleep in their little heated creep, much to the cats despair. The cats had been keeping it warm for the piglets for the last few weeks. The cats sit on top of the bales looking down and wondering what went wrong.

They fill out fast these tiny animals but still have more skin than body.

I opened the big door to the outside for Molly yesterday morning and she went outside and peed for what seemed like a week. So everything is in working order. I left to door  open for the day to encourage her to feed the babies up by their creep in the light and away from the door. And that worked.

When I checked them late last night they were all good, she was laying by the entrance to their creep according to plan and the babies were asleep just inside the entrance in the warm and out of harms way,  so that is the best scenario we can achieve, let’s hope we don’t lose anymore. She is SO BIG compared to these tiny piglets.  They are so vulnerable.

I hope we all have a lovely day.

Love celi


Monday 04/10 80% / 0.17 inWindy with periods of thunderstorms later in the day. A few storms may be severe. High 73F. Winds SSW at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

Monday Night 04/10 50% / 0.03 inScattered thunderstorms in the evening, with mostly clear skies overnight. A few storms may be severe. Low 43F. Winds WSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50%.


30 Comments on “Pictures of piglets

  1. I am sorry to hear about your losses, did the other piglets mourn the loss? I sure hope everyone will enjoy the warming weather.

  2. I am scratching my head, stunned. I am sad about the piglet, of course, and yet, you had almost forecast such a possibility. He was not meant to live, poor wee thing. But Mrs Flowers? This one has me utterly stunned. I cannot believe it. And yet I must. I am so sorry. Let us know what you discover or what hypotheses develop.

  3. sad about little pig.. but even sadder to hear about Mrs Flowers..that is really sad.. .what will Mr Flowers do without his wifie..maybe peacocks are not lifelong partners…but it is still very sad

  4. It is very sad that little piglet died..indeed it is….but to hear that Mrs Flowers died too is shattering and really makes me feel quite sad. What will happen now..will Mr Flowers chose another wifie or will he remain on his own…so sorry   

    Sent: Monday, April 10, 2017 at 2:31 PM

  5. The passing of Mrs Flowers is a deep mystery. The poor piglet, not so much; they are so little and their hold on life is still so tenuous. But at a time when the Farmy is about to bulge with new life, a gentle death is not too horrifying. I hope it WAS gentle for both of them… I suppose there has to be a balance, and all living things must die at some stage.

  6. Sorry about the piglet and the peahen. Double blow. How old was Mrs. Flowers? How long a lifespan do they have? I hope the rest of the litter thrive and the other farm animals maintain their good health. Spring is such a welcome time.

  7. So sorry about the little piggie and Mrs. Flowers. I hate unexplained deaths, too, it’s worrisome. So glad for the warmer weather.

  8. Ahh poor little pig and that’s a shock concerning Mrs Flowers, very sad. Hope everybody else is thriving.

  9. They look adorable – I wish I could have one. Very sorry to hear about Mrs. Flowers and the dead piglet.

    • I got so excited I hit post. WOW! Piglets are here! Piglets are here! They are so adorable – so many ‘mini-me’s’. Squeals with joy! XOXO – Bacon

  10. Oh I’m sorry to hear about not only the piglet but Mrs. Flowers too! No indication at all? Stunning to come upon a perfectly happy bird just gone. Awful

  11. Sorry to hear about the little piggy and shocked to hear about Mrs Flowers, that is concerning. Laura

  12. Mrs Flowers will be missed- and I am so sorry to hear about the wee little piglet-hopefully everyone else remains ok.
    Have a good day today!

  13. She was quite a lady, Mrs. Flowers. A bit fussy, if I recall correctly, but curious. I imagine she .didn’t approve of some of the goings on. I used to wait for her occasional appearances. Will there be an inquest?

  14. So sorry C. Even though those losses are inevitable on a farm with so many animals as you say, it still doesn’t make it any easier to take. Each life, no matter how young or old is still very sad and troubling, isn’t it? Very sorry…

  15. Sad that there was a piglet lost and more so Mrs. Flowers. It would bother me to have something like that happen and not know why. I hope everyone else stays happy and healthy.

  16. Something to think about with Mrs Flowers is predators. Our chickens started dying mysteriously, one here and one there, with no signs of trauma or sickness. We were stumped until I saw the bobcat in the chicken area. He was chased off by the roosters before he could leave any bloody clues and we were faced with this odd sudden death thing. So… something to think about. (doubt a predator got the piglet with Molly there).

  17. Those piggies are so ‘there’ so present already for creatures so new and young. Sorry to hear about the two sad and mysterious losses.

  18. The passing of Mrs Flowers is a blow to those who have harboured a strange and secret liking for the splendid dame… life is hard for the rest of us when someone ups and outs !!!!

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