A magnolia year

The new calf is going to be called Roxanne but we will call her Roxie. She is so sprightly and fun. I think she will be a perfect Roxie.  Thank you so much for all the suggestions both in The Lounge and on the Insty.

Yesterday the cow mothers were out getting a little green in their diet. At least I hope they will all be mothers.  I did get one good boot from Lady Astors calf yesterday and her udder is finally moving. She has one month to go. She is allowed a few hours a day on the green grass. I am trying to keep her off the rich feed so as not to push her udder this time. Last year her udder got way, way too big. It was terrifying and took a lot of  work to get back in order.

Maybe this calf will not be so late. I don’t think it will be as big anyway.

The piglets had a good day yesterday. They are almost always sleeping half in and half out of their creep. There is a big heavy bar above the door so they are perfectly safe there. These piglets seem slower than other litters I have had. They sleep more and they sleep deeply. They have full tummies though.  And they are sleeping in their warm room. Maybe today they will start waking up.

It looks like we might have a magnolia year this year, the flowers are just getting ready to burst open. A summer that begins with a burst of bright yellow magnolia blooms will surely be a good one.

We had massive stormy downpours last night. Piles of rain.  I think the seedlings in my garden will have popped up by this morning or been washed away. We will see.

I hope you all  have a lovely day.

Love celi


Tuesday 04/11 10% / 0 inCloudy skies early, followed by partial clearing. High 58F. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph.

Tuesday Night 04/11 10% / 0 inClear. Low 38F. Winds light and variable.

32 Comments on “A magnolia year

  1. You have some wonderful shots of the pile of piglets and the sweet faces of Roxie and the rest. So happy to hear all are doing well and it’s warming up. The signs of spring always bring back our energy to press on. I’m surprised you can grow Magnolia that far north but then I know little about growing. I thought my Dogwood had died from the extreme cold and snow we had this last winter but am happy to see new growth. A little slow is better than dead. 🙂 Have a terrific Tuesday.

  2. Oh gosh, we don’t have many Magnolias up our way here in Maine. In NJ we had one in the front yard and one in the back. I miss them! I hope yours has a perfect year. Those piggies are exceptionally cute, as is the new girl, Roxie!

  3. That yellow Magnolia is going to be magnificent when in full bloom, cant wait. Love the piggy pile of happiness 🙂 Laura

  4. Do you give your piglets iron shots? We used to do ours within 24 hours of birth, and if the time of year kept them inside – I used to toss a clod of dirt/peat into the pen for them to mess with – as there’s iron in the soil too. Bet you probably already know this 😊

    • Yes, I never do iron – but maybe I should. These ones are slower. Hmm. During the short time they are on the concrete I throw in dirt with dandelions attached.. c

      • It may be a difference in climate or zones – but up here if you don’t do iron, the piglets become anemic quickly and don’t thrive. I do know sows milk is lacking in iron. If they don’t perk up with some dirt, then iron couldn’t hurt. I always used to inject in the neck muscle.

  5. Love the look of the seedlings! We’ve got our beds almost planted. Just need to put in the fruit, the tomatoes and peppers and sow the squash and cucumbers. We will do this soon! So exciting! Beans are a BIG part of the rotation that goes, Beans, Leaves, Fruits, Roots….and then back to Beans. This rotation is engraved in stone, and seems to be working well! 🙂

  6. Roxie is a wonderful name and seems so perfect. She’s looking great too, as are all the Mums. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a yellow magnolia. We seem to have only pink ones and they are dramatically fabulous, no question. Perhaps it’s the only variety that will survive our winters here in southern Ontario. Piglets look like beauties, all piled up on one another. Hope you have a lovely day too. ~ Mame 🙂

  7. Roxie is a good choice..you certainly had lots to chose from..but yes, Roxie will suit her fine….  Our Magnolia tree did well this year..its a very young tree and last year had a few buds, but this year there were more until they flowered and the wind ripped them from the branches. As for little piglets…they do say that whilst you sleep..you grow so maybe they will be giant piglets…Anyway have a nice day xxx  

    Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 2:14 PM

  8. The magnolias here in the south of the uk are stunning at the moment, they have been lucky, no late frost and no bad storms.
    Love the name for the new heifer !

  9. Now I’m dreaming of basil pesto – drizzled summer tomatoes fresh from the garden… *sigh* soon, right? July will be here soon…

  10. I want to hold a piglet in my arms, but I don’t think that is going to happen. They are so sweet. Is their sleepiness related to the cold? Or maybe it is just that grey cloud. I would curl up and sleep if that were over my head for long too.

  11. Our magnolia is in full bloom at this point and has even begun to loose a few petals. (Ours is pink). Lots of trees are blooming quite well right now. 🙂

  12. Hello,
    Remember I mentioned the rubber band dehorning method? I know you mentioned this animal is particularly friendly, but on my cattle, even though they are friendly and petted and brushed, I usually cannot put a halter on them or lead them (except my milk cows, Jane and Shannon). Therefore, when I have to dehorn or castrate an older calf, or when I have a beef momma cow bred artificially, I give them a little tranquilizer. This is really, really helpful. For example, during the rubber-band dehorning process, it is important to cut the hair around the base of the horn. If the calf is a little bit sedated, it is much safer to do this, as I use scissors. I practice brushing all my calves after they are born in the spring (born outside on pasture), so all the cattle are used to and like being brushed. They particularly like being brushed on their rumps. This is handy, as I can give them a little tranquilizer while brushing them, and they usually don’t even know it! I use Xylazine, which I get from a vet. I hardly use any drugs, really only the tetanus antitoxin vaccine, but I do find the Xylazine very helpful as I work alone (well with the Border collies and Maremma dogs!). It also makes the inseminator very happy, as the beef mommas are then very quiet, and it is easier for him to do his job safely.
    Your baby piglets are beautiful!! Good job!

    • Thank you – this is great info – I am planning on doing it next week as soon as the bands come in. (I have a bander somewhere here) – I shall call the vet for the sedative – what an excellent idea.. thank you again c

  13. Congratulation and Welcome to the piglets. May they all stay safe and thrive and prosper well and healthy…

  14. Too funny… I was thinking, ‘I Know those leaves…” And then I thought ‘peppers’…. DUH!! Basil it is – yummy!

  15. Lost two magnolias to the heat this summer . . . love them as a harbinger of spring here! Glad yours are doing what they should. And am seriously short of basil in my garden and seriously envious of yours . . . happy Easter if I do not get back: latest IT prognosis after my ‘return to the fold’ – cables to our community line pillar so old and frayed, passage of messages in-and-out pure lottery!!

  16. So, from what you say about Lady Astor’s previous trouble, it sounds as though the trend of breeding dairy cattle to produce more and more milk isn’t such a great idea after all?

  17. Magnolias here in Colorado have bloomed and lilacs are coming daily !! Bless the little piglets and gorgeous cows ! Namaste

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