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I am finding the touch screen and (now) silent keyboard of the Yoga Book a much calmer, quieter and gentler start to the day. As you know I work on the images for my blog the night before, load everything onto the page then at… Continue Reading “A MUCH GENTLER PROCESS”

Pictures of piglets

In the night, not last night but the night before, one new born piglet died (he was a big one too) and one of the peahens died. It was Mrs Flowers. It was a normal night – not even terribly cold. Strange. But there… Continue Reading “Pictures of piglets”

Hugging Corners

Under the stern eye of Egoli, Poppy’s Nine entered their second whole day. The winds were fierce yesterday and it was hot but deep in the barn the piglets home was quiet and peaceful.  Poppy had food and water so there was little need… Continue Reading “Hugging Corners”

One Day Old Piglets

Molly is a nervous mother but holding her own.  Very new and totally shocked at the sheer number of miniature pigs running around her feet. But if a piglet squeals she freezes and waits for the little ones to regroup before continuing. She is… Continue Reading “One Day Old Piglets”

Sheila goes walkies down by the creek

Sheila the big pig is getting a bit too big. Fat I think.  So Ton and I took her for a little walk. After she had managed to get past the new compost heap, we had a nice wee trot around the back. Going… Continue Reading “Sheila goes walkies down by the creek”

Welcome to Jack and Diane’s Little Ditty Farm

(Morning everyone from sunny California.   Wasn’t yesterday great with our first UN-Blogger post from Sally who has been part of the Fellowship for Ages.  And now let me pass the day to Di who has been a Member of the Fellowship of the… Continue Reading “Welcome to Jack and Diane’s Little Ditty Farm”

Cooling Our Hot Heels

The heat has finally come to the Prairies. I must be very careful that everyone has plenty of water. All the pigs will have their wallows topped up each morning. And I have discovered that if you hose the heels of a cow she… Continue Reading “Cooling Our Hot Heels”

The farmy from the air..

I have been wondering how to show you the layout of the farmy.  There is so much going on and every field has a name.  This must be a little confusing for you. Hairy in The Yards, he head butted me yesterday, so he… Continue Reading “The farmy from the air..”

Long Shots, giggly piglets and bottles of beer.

This is the lane from the house to the gravel road. We are looking East. On the right which is the South side is the sweetcorn with the Maize up behind it. You can see how tall the maize (field corn) is when you… Continue Reading “Long Shots, giggly piglets and bottles of beer.”

More Wine Less Whine

Yesterday we bottled the Vidal Blanc wine from last seasons grapes. The wine has been working in its little glass barrels for almost a year now. And the little taste I was allowed before it flowed through the pipes and into the bottles led… Continue Reading “More Wine Less Whine”