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Boo and the cats have an arrangement. They don’t run – he won’t chase them. But he still watches them very carefully in case someone wants to play. 


Lady Astor has decided that she is going to have Aunty Del’s new baby. Just gently mind you. She is a big cow and does not want to frighten anyone. 



Aunty Del

Poor Aunty Del cannot quite understand why she is not allowed in the  milking room eve-ery morning.  She leans her head over the door and looks quite perplexed watching her friend Astor loudly munch her GM free treats while being milked. Molly broke through… Continue Reading “Aunty Del”

How to make Iced Tea

Iced tea is (to my mind anyway) quintessentially American.  So having a New Zealander tell you how she makes her iced tea is like teaching your grandmother to suck eggs, though my grandmother NEVER sucked eggs. Anyway making cold tea from hot water has… Continue Reading “How to make Iced Tea”

A momentous decision

I have decided that this season is my last summer milking cows. It has taken me a lot of thinking but I have made up my mind. A number of reasons really – among them and the most important: my family keeps growing, they… Continue Reading “A momentous decision”

Pig TV

Thanks to Jan from the Fellowship of the Farmy I can now watch Poppy’s activity in her own bedroom, from my own kitchen.  This wireless monitor on the kitchen bench connected to a camera in the barn is a game changer.  I am so… Continue Reading “Pig TV”

The dark-en deepen-eth

The nights are coming so early and the clouds have been so thick and low lately that it seems to me I have to start evening chores straight after lunch or I won’t be done by dark. Sunset is at 4.24pm. Luckily Our John… Continue Reading “The dark-en deepen-eth”

Taking the Lead

I milk the cows every evening.  There are two cows, Aunty Del the young Ayrshire and Lady Astor the older Holstein/Dutch Belted cross. Up until now Aunty Del has always come into the  milking room first, in fact when I open the door I… Continue Reading “Taking the Lead”

One Day Old Piglets

Molly is a nervous mother but holding her own.  Very new and totally shocked at the sheer number of miniature pigs running around her feet. But if a piglet squeals she freezes and waits for the little ones to regroup before continuing. She is… Continue Reading “One Day Old Piglets”