Aunty Del

Poor Aunty Del cannot quite understand why she is not allowed in the  milking room eve-ery morning. 

She leans her head over the door and looks quite perplexed watching her friend Astor loudly munch her GM free treats while being milked.

Molly broke through a fence yesterday. Pigs always find the weak spot in fences. You can build the most beautiful bull-strong fence but it is only as strong as its weakest point. And Molly found that space and pulled off a panel that was attached to the rotton timber of the Rat House and got through into the field with the smaller pigs.  Where she proceeded to trap them in corners and attack them.

It was quite the job seperating oout six terrified small pigs from one very bad tempered Mama pig. I am a pretty good shot wiith a stick (or wth a bucket as Boo knows well) and with six smaller pigs cowering behind me was able to herd her off by throwing missiles at her head,   the flying stick  turned her enough while Alissa enlarged the hole she had made so we could get her back out.

Once out into another field she was a nice sow again and happily trotted after me right over to the barn where she was locked right down in the center pen. I gave her a bed and her water and she lay down for a belly rub cute a could be. Jeckyll and Hyde pig.

Then we fixed the fence again – badly, as that whole side of the barn needs replacing – something that will never happen as it is quite beyond my skills and purse –  and I iodined the tooth scratches on the sides of Molly’s older children. Nothing was deep but she sure had a go. They all accepted my ministrations with whines and complaints then went to their mud bath and lay in it to settle.

I had hoped to leave pregnant Molly out in the field for a few more weeks but it looks like she is going IN. So the smallest of the pigs need to come OUT. Wea re almost ready.  We will finish the electric fence in the late-summer pig field today, I transported the pig houses in there yesterday, so today we can shiift the six small pigs into their outside field, and put Molly into the side of the barn that houses the farrowing pen with all its gates and doors open into the secure area. 

Wai is still doing really well. Healing. Though the large areas of granulated skin veer from too wet and slimy  to too dry. I collected the phase three hide ointment yesterday – it also has a zinc base which I like – and we will continue. And we always finish all areas with SWAT.  (This link takes you to my Amazon Things page where I have loaded the SWAT cream link for you, it is at the top for today). The creams collect debris from the straw that Wai loves to burrow right under.  This creates a creamy hay pocked crust that the flies like to get under as it is hot and moist in there. I could put out a mattress and blankets for him but he is so happy when he gets right under his straw. He literally puts his head down and crouches and burrows right under diveting himself of his rags as he goes in until he has completely disappeared. It would be cruel to take this small joy away from him. We have managed so far. So I continue to clean, spray, dry and cream  with zinc and cream  with Swat twice a day. It is working – very slowly the wounds are shrinking.  We are getting there.

It probably would be faster if we hoisted him up the steps and locked him inside out of the dust and the flies but once again he loves his fields and loves his hay bed. I think the misery of being locked up inside would send him backwards.  And the steps onto the porches are impossible for this little pig to navigate. We would have a toilet problem. He will only poo and pee on the grass. He will not even poo in the barn, he waits all day out of the sun and goes to the toilet when I let him out in the evening.  We could make a ramp and retrain him? But not now. For now he needs happiness to recover.  Misery is not a good healer. He is happy in his barn with his hay bed and his field.

This wee chap is an outside pig.  Which will make his winter management difficult. I am still thinking about that.

I hope you have a good day.

Love celi


Thursday 08/31 40% / 0.01 in
Showers early, then partly cloudy for the afternoon. High 73F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Thursday Night 08/31 10% / 0 in
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41 Comments on “Aunty Del

  1. Corralling Molly sounds quite funny, though probably not so in practice. Wai is beginning to sound like a very happy pig 🙂

  2. J > Call me pedantic if you wish, Celi, but there really is a world of difference between ‘GM free treats’ and ‘GM-free treats’. For poor old Aunty Del, though, the difference is irrelevent! It’s good to see Wai’s personality coming through. You’ll find it hard to say goodbye, when the time comes.

  3. Happy goes a long way in healing because there is rest in being happy. Being unhappy is a trigger for health issues. The burrowing makes me think of Miss Sheila during the winter. BTW: Who with and where is she living these days? Still having a QUEEN size straw bed? Does she tolerate Wai at all? Is Wai ‘fixed’?
    And lastly – where has the year gone? Tomorrow is SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!

  4. Molly reminds me of a woman I see in my mirror everyday. A wee bit moody. “Oops! Did I really behave that badly???? Sorry! but now can we all focus on how lovely I’m being now!”

  5. Wai is happiest outside- you are smart and kind to let him be. and Molly? wow what a Jeckyl and Hyde cow! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Pig logistics, does it ever end? I don’t think so. Sounds like the compromises being made for Wai’s well being are all good ones and for all the right reasons. Keep on keeping on

  7. Wai is looking really good ! The poor boy was so lucky to step onto a “farmy” will C at the helm. I thought at first, that the boy wouldn’t make it. But I should have known better when C got a hold of him. He deserves the special care he is getting, as the guy never had a chance in his previous “hell”. I doff my straw hat to you C for taking the best care of Wai that is possible. God Bless all on the Farmy.

  8. Well that darn Molly, she throws a temper, then when you finally end it and get her out she turns all lovey like it never happened. Can’t help but love her.

  9. Wai does appear to be so much better and your description of him burrowing under his straw is lovely. I was thinking that the very cold of winter may well make him an indoor loving pig during those months. People are like that; this time of the year I hate to come in and in the winter I hate to go outside. I find Molly’s behaviour very strange and wonder why she acts like that with her own species. Is it jealousy, do you think? Hope you have a good day too! ~ Mame 🙂

    • Molly is a pig and pigs will fight other pigs. Molly’s pack is Poppy and Sheila (though they will fight when they first get together too) . She is a pig so she does not remember these as her children just as another pack to fight off. We have to be careful not to put human characteristics onto animals. They don’t think like us. Molly thinks like a pig. c

  10. Love the description of Wai’s dive and wriggle into the straw. I had visions of him sharing her winter straw nest with Sheila, but I know that’ll never happen.

    • No that won’t happen – I think that n the end i will discuss a ramp with John. he has not fat layer – he will get very cold out there – he will have to have a coat anyway. c

  11. I have been anxious to hear about Wai! Am so glad he is coming along and happier still that you immerse yourself so thoroughly in his psyche and voila~~he’s one contented pig. I have yet to see the first newsletter. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I check I am not a robot then don’t know what to do with the monkey icon.

  12. I love it that your home is open to Wai. I remember another time there was a pig inside, sleeping next to the fire with Boo. Or did I see that in my head? Often my head is at the farmy, even when I’m not here (staring at a small screen).

  13. Its lovely to see Wai doing so well. Being happy and occupied must help his healing so much, he can focus on something other than being hurt and let your care take hold.

  14. Hi , C you continue to be my hero for many reasons. Think about that, you are a hero and I only have a few. You inspire me to hold fast to heart. My heart for truth, coupled with compassion. The very balance we all seek . The hard stuff and the huge rewards and huge disappointments. The Ying and Yang…..thank you for sharing

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  16. Such a lovely feather photo! Many times I’ve wondered how it is that Mr. Flowers’ plumage is a mix of jewel-tones and white… Is possible that Molly is becoming more protective of her territory because of her pregnancy ( I think you did said she’s expecting soon? ) and it’s just time for her previous offspring to move away from her? Glad to hear WaiWai is still chugging along (he keeps looking better each time we see him: )

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