Pig Graffiti

Poppys Six went out to their new home in the field yesterday with a great big welcoming wallw that they very quickly turned into delicious mud. 

Then seeing the pure white canvas of their new house they dragged their bodies all around it making patches of pig art. Pig grafitti without the spray cans. 

Doesn’t that look like a pig? 

A PIG face!  Painted in MUD by a PIG!  Do you see it? We have to put this on a T shirt.

It was such a lovely day yesterday.  

Sheila and Poppy. 

Boo showing his tricks to the field pigs  – who don’t care to see his tricks. 

The home fields are looking more and more like a shanty town.

The White Rocks have come out of the Turkey House and are in the metal chicken tractor. Today Alissa and I will drag up the woden chicken tractor and as I identify the males I will put them into the travelling coop to fatten. The hens go in with hen house and become next springs layers. 

Hopefully John will help me extend the chook house roosting accomodations this winter – but we will see. My eggs are the most consistent sellers on the farm so getting a little larger is worth it as long as my little farm can sustain al those birds.

We cut the hay today – looking at the weather, the rain has shifted forward a day so  I should have cut it yesterday. But there you are. We might make it. One again I am putting all my eggs in one basket and cutting the lot.

Even though the rain has shifted to Monday night – it is going to be hot and windy Monday – a bonus.

Alissa leaves on Wednesday (and is coincidentally going to the same farm on an island in one of the Carolinas that Alex went to in the spring) and I need her help getting the bulk of it into the barn so I really, really hope I do not get rained on – for many reasons.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Friday 09/01 0% / 0 in
Partly cloudy. High near 70F. Winds ENE at 10 to 20 mph.

Friday Night 09/01 10% / 0 in
Clear skies. Low near 45F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph.

6:20 am 7:24 pm
Waxing Gibbous, 78% visible 4:37 pm 1:46 am


35 Comments on “Pig Graffiti

  1. Miss Timatanga Moana! Is she lying down or is she belly deep in grass. No mud on Her Fluffiness, I see. I have my fingers crossed for your hay.

  2. I love the pig face – you could get a piece of canvas and get them to roll on it – sell it for $ thousands.
    Sheila and Poppy look like they are speaking terms again!

  3. Hope it stays dry for you.
    I love that pig graffiti. It would sell for millions if a famous artist put his name to it.

      • Early 21st century porcine expressionism of The Farmy School. I say exhibit canvases in the shop, and also note cards & postcards. And giclées for mid-market. Oh, Celi, what brilliant & talented piggies you have. And —Hurry & make hay whilst you can! There is never a dull moment out your way. All that and best-selling eggs too! Happy September, season of mists & mellow fruitfulness.

            • I have visited your zazzle shop, & will buy something just as soon as my next ship comes sailing in. A giclée print is a high quality fine art or photograph print by an inkjet printer. It can be printed on quality paper or canvas. In a quick search, I found a site with prices for various papers & canvases, just for you to consider (see below). The final work closely resembles the original, though much less expensive. Thank you, but I do think you are doing a great job of describing your products. You are a wonderful writer, Celi. I know there is a beautiful memoir coming one of these “Beautiful Farmy Days”. https://www.gicleetoday.com/prices

  4. Yes to a t-shirt of that pig face grafityi-amazing. I like the idea of expanding your egg business, not that you were asking(!). Good luck with the haying! I read with shock that today is September 1st! I knew it would be, but somehow it still caught me off gaurd. We are in a big heat wave here in Southern California, so it seems hard to imagine that it would be so much cooler elsewhere. That is a funny concept that I think about a lot.

  5. The pig art is hysterical. And on the other side of the pig face, there seems to be a somewhat disgruntled human face staring back, also in profile. Did you see that? Most lovely portrait of Tima ever of all time! Love it. PigsRUs.

    • Yes, I saw that – made me think of “The Scream”, just a little frightening. Although it probably lasted as long as the pig face did – mere seconds before they “re-painted”.
      Chris S in Canada

  6. Yes, pig art Tshirt! I for sure need several! Hello, I read every day, dont know how i found you, I have never commented before, but had to this time!! I think the face across from the pig looks like a cow wondering why the pig is wearing a Trump wig!! So glad you were in the right place at the right time… since it disappeared. I have a book (somewhere) about why cats paint and people actually sold cat art. So, sell the pig art on t shirts!!! Thanks for all you write, it is so interesting. I am so much more aware of the farms as I drive by now. I live in Minnesota about an hour northeast of Minneapolis in a rural town. Thanks for all the great info.

  7. What a photographic catch! Send it to the New Yorker magazine. I’ll bet it might make the cover. Even nature is protesting about our crazy political situation.

  8. This is such a great post going from fresh-from-the-wallow pig art to Miss T looking like she’d never deign to set foot in it, drowsing beside your line-dried-fresh laundry: )

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