Once more into the breech

My friends.  Once more into the breech…

The hay is down and had a good day of sun and a stiff cool breeze. The humidity was low which is the blessing. 

The rain looks even more serious for Monday night now. But if we miss the scattered shower that day we will get away with it I think.  I hope. Touch wood. I do a lot of touching wood. 

Molly standing on her gate trying to talk. About dinner. 

Do you remember a couple of months ago when John brought home an abandoned oak tree.  Well,   about a month ago all its leaves turned brown and fell off. This did not seem like a good sign. Then all became clear when a whole lot of new leaves began to grow, all over the big little tree.   New oak leaves actually push out the old leaves as they grow, which is why you often see the dead leaves hanging on an oak in the winter, come spring the new growth pushes them off. 

So I think it went through a MOLT.  One way or the other it is making a magnificent recovery.

I hope you have a lovely day. 



Saturday 09/02 10% / 0 in
Generally sunny despite a few afternoon clouds. High near 75F. Winds light and variable.

Saturday Night 09/02 10% / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies. Low near 55F. Winds light and variable.

6:20 am 7:23 pm
Waxing Gibbous, 89% visible 5:21 pm 2:37 am



30 Comments on “Once more into the breech

  1. That late afternoon photograph of the porch, I keep looking at it and seeing more beauty, and more stories about farm life– not just any farm, yours Miss C, and because of your welcoming neighborliness, ours too. That picture says a lot. I won’t list the details, anyone who cares will notice them. But I will say that the candelabra ties them together in a way that is striking and, from what I know so far, uniquely yours.

  2. Miss Molly is trying to look winsome, in the hope of a treat or even being let out to commit some act of naughtiness. Sadly, she’ll never be as cute and endearing as those kittens. How lovely that the oak is burgeoning again – it reminds me of the acacia in our back yard. Every year when the weather is a little cooler, it drops all its leaves and I think it’s dead. So few trees drop their leaves in this climate that I forget, and it’s always wonderful to see tiny green shoots on every bare white branch.
    Fingers and toes crossed for good hay drying weather and an absence of showers and rain till it’s all in.

  3. And we can not denied the fact that, God makes all things beautiful,the vegetations,animals, trees and all that pertaineth to creation. the creations of God speaks about how awesome he is.

  4. I’m always amazed at a tree’s ability to hold onto live and grow. We owe so much to them. Thank whatever goodness there is in the universe for that because without trees, we would not survive. How wonderful your oak tree has found its ability to survive.

  5. Fingers crossed for the hay. Nasturtiums…I have always loved nasturtiums. Might be the round leaves, don’t know. Sun is shining here too, looks to be a hot one.

  6. Gorgeous photos of the kittens ❤️. Wonderful news about the oak tree, too! And don’t all farmers do a LOT of touching wood? xx

  7. Hmmm! interesting news about your listing with airbnb ! For me and others maybe flying north now that QANTAS will have a ‘Dreamliner’ direct flight > Chicago . . . Best of luck with that ! Can think of a few ways to be fed and watered as well say during a rather special week getting to know the farmy firsthand . . . . well, would love you to relax a few of the rules at times . . . 🙂 !! And am surely keeping my fingers crossed for a friendly winter sparing an oaktree . . .

  8. The photos show peace and (seeming) tranquility. Molly and the kittens are so winsome. Does The Cadet still come to the farm? I’ve missed hearing about her.

  9. That’s great news about the oak tree and for the info on how it grows its new leaves. We had a tree that played dead until my husband was getting ready to dig it up. Then out came the tiny leaf buds.

  10. It’s been a week and I almost missed this. I’m that far behind but the tree is happy to be home, Molly looks just jolly and the kittens are so sweet I could just cuddle up with them. Love the nasturtiums. I just have to grow some next year.

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