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The weather channel says it is getting colder.  It is 40F/4C and windy this morning.  Time for an extra layer when I go outside. 

Aunty Del

Poor Aunty Del cannot quite understand why she is not allowed in the  milking room eve-ery morning.  She leans her head over the door and looks quite perplexed watching her friend Astor loudly munch her GM free treats while being milked. Molly broke through… Continue Reading “Aunty Del”

Job Description

An heifer is a female cow who has not had a calf yet.  Frankly I think Aunty might be developing an udder – slowly – but I cannot see it being ready for a calf in five weeks. In my limited experience a heifer begins… Continue Reading “Job Description”

Dogging Aunty

As I was going through my pictures to find one last cow picture for the calendar (which is released  by the way, so check it out here).  I realised that we had very few good shots of Aunty Del. So I set the dogs… Continue Reading “Dogging Aunty”