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Aunty Del is Pumping

Aunty Del is such a good house cow that I have decided to keep her as long as I am able. She seems to have hit her stride and now she is pumping along. She swans into the milking shed without hesitation, milks eating her… Continue Reading “Aunty Del is Pumping”

Going Green

The word Green stands for so many different things. Environmentally friendly. The greenies. Marijuana. The Green Party (hey NZ – are they still there?). Green as in innocent or un-knowing. Little Green Men.  Green as in envious. Green Tea. For me: Green means – well – GREEN… Continue Reading “Going Green”

Dogging Aunty

As I was going through my pictures to find one last cow picture for the calendar (which is released  by the way, so check it out here).  I realised that we had very few good shots of Aunty Del. So I set the dogs… Continue Reading “Dogging Aunty”

Summer Quarters

Sheila my Big Fat Pig  and Hop and Pop Poppy are finally out in their Pig Hut for the summer.  This is the first time that Sheila has had to sleep outside and she is deeply unimpressed. For the last few days she has… Continue Reading “Summer Quarters”


Beautiful pictures today. I said to Our John through coughs and snorts and much blowing of the nose, (the best rags for a cold are chopped up old cotton nighties or T shirts. Very soft on the nose. I have a very diverse rag… Continue Reading “Beautiful”

All Is Well

TonTon, our darling Border Collie is fine. The growth under his chin, big enough to fit in my cupped hand, is a cyst. Possibly the result of a heamotoma or maybe something else, the Doc said. However he has antibiotics for the next ten… Continue Reading “All Is Well”

A Little Dr Seuss Spot – Of Sun and the Origins of an Egg

Someone laid an egg yesterday.  Was it you? Maybe not.  Certainly was not you and I know it was not me.  And we know for sure that Queenie, waiting patiently under leaden skies for a little sun, did not lay an egg.  Out of… Continue Reading “A Little Dr Seuss Spot – Of Sun and the Origins of an Egg”

Milking a cow from start to finish in pictures.

I wanted to document a milking in pictures for you. This was easier said than done as I needed to bring in people unfamiliar with my camera (Our John and Tall Teenager) to take the actual pictures. And there is no way to set… Continue Reading “Milking a cow from start to finish in pictures.”

A rare sighting of miss c and Broccoli with Garlic Soup

I have begun to investigate slow cooking. With the arrival of Daisy’s calf fast approaching, and Sheila the Babe (hopefully this week), then the  milking and the cheese making, I will have at least another two hours work a day and that does not… Continue Reading “A rare sighting of miss c and Broccoli with Garlic Soup”

The Good News and The Bad News

First the BAD NEWS.  While fooling about with my newly extended lens yesterday I managed to scratch the lens.  I just cannot believe I did that. A strong line was curved across every image I took yesterday.  I cannot clean the mark away.  Senior… Continue Reading “The Good News and The Bad News”