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A Flying Focus

Thank you for visiting today. Sunday is always a very quiet day in my blog world. What is your best day? I always get the most readers on Monday morning at 7am my time. Most readers are from the United States. Below is Pania… Continue Reading “A Flying Focus”

Summer Quarters

Sheila my Big Fat Pig  and Hop and Pop Poppy are finally out in their Pig Hut for the summer.  This is the first time that Sheila has had to sleep outside and she is deeply unimpressed. For the last few days she has… Continue Reading “Summer Quarters”

The Cow Bra

Has arrived but is still in it’s box for the moment.  Can you spot the spelling mistake? We need to wait until the wound is past the cracking scab stage. Sorry to be so graphic. But the bra will push the teat sideways and… Continue Reading “The Cow Bra”