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The Cow Bra

Has arrived but is still in it’s box for the moment.  Can you spot the spelling mistake? We need to wait until the wound is past the cracking scab stage. Sorry to be so graphic. But the bra will push the teat sideways and… Continue Reading “The Cow Bra”

Use the wind

This is why I milk a cow. Ricotta cheese, Butter,  Parmesan cheese, Farmers cheese. Icecream, Cream, milk for my morning coffee straight from the milking – perfectly homogenised, Yoghurt, Sour cream, Cream sauces. Um, what else? Actually I am not going to talk about the milk.… Continue Reading “Use the wind”

I am not the only One

Someone else is completely bonkers too! Pushy Pig. It gets worse. See what I mean? That little pig gets away with anything.  Poor Boo Nanny. What can you do. (Does a rhetorical question have a question mark?) The Daily View is going, ever so… Continue Reading “I am not the only One”

Late night, early morning

Queenie began her labour at 6pm. By 8.30 pm nothing further had happened. I led her into the barn, trailing streams of waterbag, so she and her calf would be safe from the coyotes, she ate her dinner and then lay down for a… Continue Reading “Late night, early morning”