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Talia: the little calf

Special Edition. Here are a few photographs of Talia for you as promised. And yes with all the changes and the Last Dinner for Kevin and Victoria things were pretty stretched today.  So I am a little later than I had anticipated. Teensy Talia… Continue Reading “Talia: the little calf”

A box of birds

More chicks arrived in the post yesterday. These are the chickens I will grow for a number of family freezers.  It will take 8 weeks.  I will grow two waves of chickens for the freezers. I hope to start another set in 5 weeks time. … Continue Reading “A box of birds”

I got it wrong

This little calf does not want to be called Aida she  wants to be called Del.  She is so calm and so sweet, there is not one fussy bone in her body. She has no aspirations for the stage, and no interest in tragedy. She… Continue Reading “I got it wrong”

Late night, early morning

Queenie began her labour at 6pm. By 8.30 pm nothing further had happened. I led her into the barn, trailing streams of waterbag, so she and her calf would be safe from the coyotes, she ate her dinner and then lay down for a… Continue Reading “Late night, early morning”

It’s OK I won’t count the days!

The Duke of Kupa is still beautiful… … even though his tail is all but gone for the winter. The girls are all hanging out together in the Potato Paddock. A little flock. And look who has been let out of the hospital wing… Continue Reading “It’s OK I won’t count the days!”

Lavender Lemon Cake

Bobby Blanc moved into his new quarters yesterday. Now he sleeps in the barn sun-room and has access to the corridor paddock.  He literally trotted around and around thrilled to bits to be out and about. Kicking up his heels and holding his head… Continue Reading “Lavender Lemon Cake”