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Part two of the farmy walkabout but have I missed somebody?

This is what the very few people who drive down our country road are seeing. Daily changes. Not much changing with Daisy though. She stands exactly here for most of the day. Watching the kitchen door for movement.  Daisy is an Ayrshire. A very… Continue Reading “Part two of the farmy walkabout but have I missed somebody?”

It’s OK I won’t count the days!

The Duke of Kupa is still beautiful… … even though his tail is all but gone for the winter. The girls are all hanging out together in the Potato Paddock. A little flock. And look who has been let out of the hospital wing… Continue Reading “It’s OK I won’t count the days!”

A Soap Opera without Soap or Opera

When I am at the hairdressers, which I have to admit is not often enough, they have a big TV showing soap operas.  As I only see them once every two months or so it seems to me that they move about as fast… Continue Reading “A Soap Opera without Soap or Opera”

The Land of Milk and Honey

Good morning everyone.  We spent almost all morning in the garden yesterday, weeding and gathering for our vegan feast.  The young people were entranced by the Duke of Kupa, who spent a lot of time sashaying about looking gorgeous.  His tail sways as he… Continue Reading “The Land of Milk and Honey”