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Mr Flowers had been obviously depressed these last two days. He had lost Pania.  

Up to the Yards

Once again the cows have been brought back up to the yards though the concrete yards are not much drier at least the cows cannot pog holes in them with their cloven hooves. We had two inches of rain in an hour at milking time… Continue Reading “Up to the Yards”

Barn Life.

Boo has been banished outside because he was skunked yesterday morning. Poor BooBoo. The skunk off will handle it but I hate the smell of that too.  I use this because it is fast and effective. I have never had a dog get skunked… Continue Reading “Barn Life.”

It seems that the interwebs and my tiny machine …

… are scheming.  Most of yesterdays simple photographic offerings are gone. There are murmurings in the Desktop Depths. Good morning. I will take a wee break today  (and maybe tomorrow) to find out what the problem is. I may have to call the Computer… Continue Reading “It seems that the interwebs and my tiny machine …”

Daisy puts her foot down

It rained, no snow but big slushy droopy mushy plops that looked like they had been hurled out from the murky clouds by a vast muddy shaking dog. And it was cold. Wet and cold. A wintry day.  By afternoon I decided to throw… Continue Reading “Daisy puts her foot down”

Part two of the farmy walkabout but have I missed somebody?

This is what the very few people who drive down our country road are seeing. Daily changes. Not much changing with Daisy though. She stands exactly here for most of the day. Watching the kitchen door for movement.  Daisy is an Ayrshire. A very… Continue Reading “Part two of the farmy walkabout but have I missed somebody?”

Onwards and Upwards at 5F (-15C)

This kind of beautiful clear day … … always has to be paid for. (Do you see the shape of the Coupe’s roofline developing in the framing here?) There was a lot of sun for warmth gathering yesterday.  And I know why now.  It… Continue Reading “Onwards and Upwards at 5F (-15C)”

Hiding from the Chill

Not one furry, or feathered, animal, or bird, moved from the barn until late in the morning yesterday, except maybe to run quickly outside to the loo but that would only be the piggies. The rest are not as particular with their ablutions. So… Continue Reading “Hiding from the Chill”

Northern Cardinals come home to roost.

Hairy MacLairy has been brought into the barn for a short visit because he keeps scraping his knees. Blood and flies in the field can be a nasty mix.  I have been trying to treat his grazes in the field but he hates the… Continue Reading “Northern Cardinals come home to roost.”

Late afternoon on the farmy: Two Cocks Crowing

Late afternoon on the Farmy is a peaceful time. Well it should be a peaceful time.  Except I let all the chook-house chickens out of their house for a run around. Which meant that the Barn Roosters rushed out to challenge the Chook House… Continue Reading “Late afternoon on the farmy: Two Cocks Crowing”