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The wild garden

Do you remember the mucky area down the back after the digger came through, that John tilled and sowed in the wild flower seeds? Well, we mixed the wild flowers with oats and alfalfa to give the bed some weight. And look!  Lush. (All… Continue Reading “The wild garden”

Up to the Yards

Once again the cows have been brought back up to the yards though the concrete yards are not much drier at least the cows cannot pog holes in them with their cloven hooves. We had two inches of rain in an hour at milking time… Continue Reading “Up to the Yards”

Growing in the Hot Storms

It is hot and muggy. Wet. As I am writing (4.45am) we are in the midst of quite a squall. The gale force winds have softened to just very high winds so I went through the torrential rain to  check the animals and the barn is quiet and… Continue Reading “Growing in the Hot Storms”