Growing in the Hot Storms

It is hot and muggy. Wet. As I am writing (4.45am) we are in the midst of quite a squall. The gale force winds have softened to just very high winds so I went through the torrential rain to  check the animals and the barn is quiet and cosy – the animals opening one eye each to watch my light go past their eye sleepily closing in my wake. Not moving a muscle out of slumber.

I looked out the West barn doors and the cows are standing under the trees with their bums to the North East  (the squall winds were blowing from the nor’east yet the storm is coming from the sou’west)  lit by the black and white flickering jabbing storm light, chewing their cuds, solid on their feet, enjoying the wash.

Every time I go out to the barn in the middle of a storm it is like stepping into a deep calm – an oasis almost otherworldly in its seperateness. The pictures I am sending you of yesterday are all sun and light. Yet as I write it is a drenched blackness outside with heavy loud rain and thunder and that midwestern strobe light lightening.

But as my builder says “Welcome to July.” And my Chicago weather watcher sent me a message last night with a storm warning so I was ready for it. At least everything is growing in the gardens. There is no drought here.

Today the new doorway will be finished which will link the kitchen with the store-room. It is looking really good and will totally change the pathways of the kitchen.  Extending its reach. And there will be plenty of work in the kitchen this week.

More sunflowers are growing because they can – these ones are all self sown from last year, the new crop is not even flowering yet.

sunflowersMolly, who is growing at an alarming rate, has been spending a lot of time rummaging about in her garden, when she is not sleeping with her head wrapped around her water bucket for coolness.

It is too hot to be a pig – they spend all day sleeping and come out when things start to cool down which coincidentally coincides with milking time.


I find they eat much better if I feed them later in the evening except Sheila of course who will eat anytime.

guinea fowl

The guinea fowl – still the oldest birds on the property are not growing.

Made in USA – whenever we can.

The storm is abating and the roosters have begun to crow so they have not been blown off their perches. All my crew are back from their July 4th holiday but restless in their beds, I hear murmuring – the wind was rocking the walls earlier and with the windows closed against the rain we are heating up. I might check the weather then close my own eyes for another hour we begin at 6.30 am on work days, earlier only on the days when I am working alone.

So the house is filling up again. More people on the way Friday.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

17 Comments on “Growing in the Hot Storms

  1. I love the photo of Molly in her garden… I hope you caught a few more winks before the onslaught of the day. Marvellous sunflowers, bring light and brilliance even when it’s gloomy and dark.

  2. Store-room door finished and builder out of the way – tick! Your crew is back and many hands make light work – tick! Storm over and the animals did not care – tick!! Hour by hour it will all work out 🙂 ! Try to get some sleep tonight . . .

  3. Your storms roared through here in eastern Iowa at 3 am. We woke to the sound of the storm siren warning us to take cover. We now have a good sized branch hanging off the side of the house. I hope it didn’t damage any of the roof or gutter.

  4. Hot and Stroms – not a combination I like. We were a COOL 92 when I drove home last night at 6 pm. Yes I say “COOL” as we have been kissing that 100 for days on end. 99, 98, 99, 98…. with heat index of 100+.

    I just love sunflowers. I grew the GIANTS one year and the heads just fell over with all the seeds. When I cut them I laced them into the chain link fence in the back so the pot belly pig behind us could enjoy some when the birds started feeding on them.

    I just changed my calendar to July – only 6 days late – and there is Tima! I wonder what she will think of the new door?

    • Speaking of calendars, I am totally head over heels in love with the Sheila calendar! It is so nice and stiff and easy to write upon and I am making appointments and keeping them to beat the band! Thankee and I’m ready for next year’s edition! Much love, Your Gayle

  5. Be safe and stay cool my friend. I myself will be sleeping on top of the air conditioning vent in the living room today while watching television. Snorts with piggy laughter. <3 XOXO – Bacon

  6. Sunflowers are such a bright and happy flower. I always keep a few around here just for the fun of it. I love summer storms, but we do not get many in July. The days are hot, humid and long here in the south. And yet, we plug away at our work… and love it. 🙂

  7. I love your description of the barn in the storm and the early morning! Brings back so many memories! We are having wet weather as well. There will be a lot of crop loss due to standing water. The door may need to be revolving? Enjoy.

  8. I love the sunflowers … we are cold, sunny and still very very dry. Laura

  9. The sunflowers are just the perfect image of cheer, aren’t they? I’ve planted some but without a good rain soon, they may not make it. The weather has been dry for a month and had now turned deadly hot and humid, and no matter how early I start in the garden – before sun-up – I can’t get enough done before I’m soaked with sweat and feeling sick with heat. Ugh. Little bit by little bit, and just keep trying – that’s the only thing I can do.

  10. Saw the pictures of Talia. I am sad to know that she is leaving so soon but glad that she is growing healthier each day. Hopefully Auntie is making good recovery, too! July looks like a busy month on the farm. I hope it will be more fun and less stress! I miss you all dearly

  11. It’s always so interesting to hear about how things are going at the farmy. I love the way you describe things!! We need rain badly – we had some the other night but it wasn’t nearly enough. Our soil is like sand at this point…. Love those sunflowers – I had one small type sunflower replant itself from last year and I’m enjoying it – and, like yours, it’s flowering already. ; o )

  12. wonderful photos! Your interior is intriguing….waiting now for the new look in your kitchen! Cheers!

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