I can’t remember when she came

But I know it was way back in the beginning. Did she find me or I her?   This woman who became a cornerstone. Viv Blake who was  one of the founding members of the Fellowship  and a prolific commenter  on the Farmy blog has passed behind the veil.  She has died. I cannot remember a time when there was this blog and no ViV. cat

Died. I don’t know how or even when. And I don’t know if there is a protocol for this kind of thing . But I must tell you that ViV has died – she was one of us.    If it were me I would want someone to tell you.

In the internet world we are not privy to private details which is as it should be.  We develop relationships that are all words. No touch or scent or laughter  – only words. Which was fine for a poet like Viv.  Though Viv had no respect for the rules of the internet and would send me pieces of sewing designed especially for me.  A hat, a tea cosy: things like that.  She would gently argue with me. Correct me if I got something wrong and encourage me when my feet started to get stuck in the mud and inspired me too with her search for knowledge and book learning. dog and corn

I feel profoundly moved by ViV’s death and by the reaching out of another founding member of The Fellowship emailing me with the news last night.  Still we look after each other. You and I all knew her in the same way, we all read her comments and  some of us read her poems too.  When you are alive you will see many deaths, this is part of being alive.  But the death of someone you have only known in the written word feels almost as though she has only  passed behind the veil and into another dimension.  You know how people use the word Gone to tell of death. It feels to me that she has not really gone just moved two steps to the left and drifted out of sight- she could quite easily still be writing another blog but in one of the other worlds that might run alongside our own.


I know this is whimsical. I wonder what ViV would say about it?


Here is ViV’s last comment on our blog before she left for the UK.

Great pics: the cattle look in tremendous shape, though I thought your beef mama looked more like a beefy beef papa! I do get asked to write reviews on Amazon sometimes, but no-one’s ever suggested they pay me! Good luck with them.
ViV xox

So ordinary. So ViV. She deserves a goodbye here after her hundreds of comments and advice and stories and abiding friendship all preserved in the Lounge of Comments.  And Jock her adored husband -I feel so sorry for him,

No comments here today please – maybe direct them to her blog?  I don’t know what is the right thing to do.   Maybe just be kind to someone new today.




15 Comments on “I can’t remember when she came

  1. I must say, that I will miss “our Viv”. She was a speck like all of us on Earth, but she left a huge splash. She always had a word of encouragement for all, and shared her Heart with everyone on this blog, and hers. I will miss her humor, and her ideas. God Bless you Viv, and all of your family. You will be thought of by all of us as we read this blog daily. Good bye Dear Blog Friend.

  2. (I know you asked for ‘no comments’ but I did want to tell you that I shared Vivian’s gorgeous photo and poem from this past June on my Facebook page.)

  3. I will miss Viv. Her poems and fiction were wonderful. Her comments here and sharing her love with the Fellowship will also be missed.

  4. I hope it’s ok to say I loved Viv’s poems, blog, and her thoughtful comments. Blessings to her dear Husband and you and everyone here.

  5. You said no comments – I also am breaking your rule. At the moment cannot imagine the blog without her . . . always so enjoyed what she had to say . . .I remember we two had the first trees in your Fellowship Garden . . . she will truly be missed . . .

  6. Thank you so much for letting us know. I had a bad feeling a few weeks ago that things were not well with her. I stopped by her blog and left my condolences but it seems not enough for someone who had such an impact. She will be missed for so many wonderful reasons.

  7. She loved your blog and would regularly ask me if I’d read this or that on it. Your stories and photos often inspired her poetry.

    Thank you for this lovely post.

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