Working on the dismount

While the team was doing the milking I was snooping about inspecting my cows and decided that all the signs pointed to Lady Astor being in heat.  I am not going to breed Lady on purpose this year (with a vet and a straw)  as I don’t mind if she gets a pass for a season but we do have Carlos the Tiny on this side of the creek and he was looking pretty interested and I wanted to keep all my fences intact so I let him through the gate and after milking I put the cows in with him.  Just to see what would happen.

carlos the tiny

Her size did not bother him in the least.

Carlos and Lady

He went after Lady like a torpedo. She stood for him too.  And it looked to me like he only needs another couple of inches. ( FYI. A bull’s penis is right up in the middle of his belly, not down by his testicles like a man.)  He may have short legs but he has a long body so if he can get her into low ground and he takes the high ground there is hope.  A slim chance.  But a nice little calf next year would be good for Lady.  And just imagine a Dexter calf with a white belt.  (Getting ahead of myself again!) small bull breeding big cow

He is an optimist.

small bull and big cow

But working on the dismount.


Lady Astor was the essence of bemused.  Our Viv would have got a kick out of these shots!

We will mark this date just in case.

cow and bull

Of course  Aunty Del may be a different kettle of fish for him – but she will not be coming back into heat for a few weeks yet.  We may have to get the straw out for her. Tall lanky girl that she is.

Interestingly later in the evening Lady Astor was walking about with her tail lifted up in the air which is one of the indications of having been bred (or a dozen other things).  But early days.

Lots of Love.



41 Comments on “Working on the dismount

  1. The shennigans of a farm…? Find the dear little fella a stool to stand on

  2. I am sure one of your talented crew can come up with a ramp for Carlos! I think that where there is a will there is a way :*)

  3. I think Viv would have liked those pictures too. Carlos is doing well. It looks like he kind of slithered off of her. It is very hot here, swooning hot. Cold drinks are always by my side.

  4. Just as long as it was not Carlos the frustrated! Poor fella !! Yes, Viv would have laughed: well, she is probably looking down from the heavens doing just that . . . Meanwhile may all things work to schedule at the farmy during the next few days . . .

  5. Carlos the Athletic, Carlos the Optimist. Find her a nice ditch to stand in and let ‘im at her. Her manners have improved greatly, not just in the milking parlour, I wouldn’t have guessed she’d hold still for him half a year ago. Kim’s right, Viv would have loved the Carlos photos, she had a robust sense of humour!

  6. It looks like all Carlos would need would be one hay bale step up, Bless him 🙂 Love the header picture of him eye to eye with Aunty Dell, I can just hear him saying ” See, you are next”. So shocked to read of Viv’s sudden death, she will be missed. Laura

  7. Excellent photos! You know I find these interactions with animals quite fascinating. It’s not every day one gets to witness the mating process and observe the nuances that go along with the act.

  8. Where the willing make the effort…. I bet they get ‘er done.
    Of course if you do it manually too, I guess we won’t know which way won. Unless, you are using a different bulls’ sperm for the manual.

  9. Good effort. You can tell by Lady Astor’s ears, that she’s “reviewing the situation”. A torpedo launch pad may be needed but nature will prevail. No music and mood lighting required. Have a great day.

  10. We used to have a tiny rooster; his chickens would stoop for him, every day.

  11. Me thinks Carlos the Tiny might need to be renamed Napoleon or Danny DiVeto – small but with HUGE personality! A herd of Belted Dexters might become all the rage!

  12. Our Viv would definitely had a chuckle at the pictures and a snappy happy comment to leave here. Somewhere, she is watching still, and chuckling, and sending you love.

    • And maybe she’d make a poem out of it, I think. As she always got inspired by the Farmy.

  13. It was hard for me to make no comment yesterday in honor of or in respect for Viv in France, but today I have to say how stunned I was by her passing. She made perhaps only one or two at the most references to her health.

    I remember her original icon wearing a white scarf and was especially fond of her, perhaps because she was so upbeat, in my age category, and because she always signed “Love”. I went to her website a few years ago– the day she showed the view from her home“ the wealth of trees. Went again yesterday to offer my condolences but could find no way to do this, as I am not on Facebook. I was enthralled by her spectacular gardens, and like you, Cecilia, feel so bad for her husband. When my husband and I visited Normandy 2014, December, I would have loved to get in touch with Viv, but it would have been impossible (being on a cruise.)

    Certain of your fellowship “get” to me; Viv was one of them.

    • yes – I am so sorry too – I did not want yesterdays post to detract from her own families loss -it did not seem my right somehow – I had conflicting thoughts about comments – not wanting to start a slew of misery – maybe it was the wrong choice – I don’t know – But thank you for your words – we will always hold her dear.. c

    • If you click on the “vivinfrance wordpress” link above where Celi shared Viv’s last comment it will take you to Viv’s wordpress site where you can leave a comment ♡

  14. “Like a torpedo” – so funny. Learned some things today! I wonder how long it will take him to figure it out.

  15. Wow, Carlos really did something big yesterday! (Bad joke, but I couldn’t resist.)

  16. I envision the lovebirds scanning the horizon, looking for a hill or mound with just the right height and slope to accommodate them. And I can hear Carlos,”Damn Prairies!” 🙂

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