The Seat of my Pants

Need to be sat on soon! But not today. It seems i will be flying by them for a few days yet.

Here is a little of yesterday though most of it was spent cooking. More today.   Cooking that is. I am looking forward to tomorrow when this dinner party is over and I can settle back to just farming!barn


Naughty pig. She is such a big girl. I have felt Molly’s piglets move about but Tahiti is still too restless to lie down for me. naughty pig

I need to check their dates but they should farrow next month.  If all goes well.  And they are so round it scares me.

Del milking


Today is McKenna’s last day on the farm. She has been here for most of the summer season and I have come to rely on her. She and the Frenchmen will help me with the special dinner at the Farmhouse tonight and then they are all going up to Chicago to see her off.

Someone is waiting for her milk.

I hope you have a lovely day. I am not a very social person so these kinds of occasions actually make me quite nervous.  I am happier in the kitchen.

And I had better get the animals milked and fed and get back into the kitchen or I will never be finished.

Love celi


29 Comments on “The Seat of my Pants

  1. It always seems a bit sad when things have to come to an end. I hope your Frenchmen will come back..maybe they are off to pastures new as well. Then that means some new helpers will come..? I am sure you will do well in your kitchen..stop worrying about will be fine. Have fun in the Sun. Xxxx

  2. Hope to see lots of pics of the dinner. I am making apricot and strawberry jam today and maybe a cheesecake if I have time. Finally summer has arrived and it is a beautiful day in the Dordogne. Have a great party!

  3. Sorry have been away from your blog for a few days (crazy stuff happening here but I will survive!). So sad to hear about Viv, felt like I knew this lady though never met.
    Hope your dinner party goes off without a hitch. Like you, as I have gotten older I am not into big social events any more. Small dinners around kitchen table are more my scene.

  4. What lovely photos of the young people learning while doing! I’m a teacher myself, and have always insisted on the practical applications of knowledge as well as the best methods of passing it on to those coming up after. You have perfected it in your wonderful Farmy with all of the give and take among those that come and stay and leave behind recipes and techniques and then go on to their own versions of it all.
    Just look at how you inspired Our Viv’s dear Jock in his embroidery of the Duke of Kupa!

    We here in the lounge have your back and know that the celebration was probably spectacular.

  5. Thank you lovely lady but we surely did not expect a post on such a busy day! That said . . . armfuls of good wishes for a wonderful celebration are sailing north-east – have a wonderful time! Hope The Matriarch enjoys . . . .

  6. I am sure you will miss McKenna as she has been such a big help with the milking end of things. What great experience she has, all of your wwoofers have! I am sure you are going to enjoy your day in the kitchen.

  7. Other than my gardens (and grandkids) my kitchen is my favorite place to be – and the more people I can feed, the better. I will admit, however, that I would rather carry on a conversation with the sauce than a saucy guest. 🙂 Have a good day and a good meal.

  8. Oh yes, I’d rather be in the kitchen too! But as a lot of my pals feel the same, the party usually ends up being in the kitchen (and wasn’t there a song about that in the 80s?!)

  9. You are such a skilled juggler that seat-of-pants flying chez Celi is bound to appear calm, organised and natural as breathing. All will be well, the Farmy is looking fabulous, Miss Talia is growing like crazy and soon there will be piglets to enchant us. See you on the other side of Sunday…

  10. Unlike other commenters here, I would rather be at the table with the guests, having a great time chatting and sharing jokes and the like. Today, however, I am going to see two rooms for rent. Gotta move again. Landlady can’t afford rent and is abdicating her apartment. Sigh. And it’s in my favoritist neighborhood in Sacramento. One room is located in this neighborhood, so I’m hoping…once again. Much love, Your Gayle

  11. I didn’t realize how tall Aunty Del has gotten. Piggy faces looking for you are always inviting, too.

  12. Relax, Celi. All will go off without a hitch and your guests will be more than pleased. I’m sure of it.

  13. Let them eat. Cake! Er, sorry, got carried away. Great pictures and best of luck with your feast. I’m sure it will be enjoyable and provide more good memories for everyone to take home and for you to share with your farmy family.

  14. Good luck with your dinner! I am much the same. Sometimes I get so caught in between because there are so many things to take me away from working our little farm and dogs. I’d give up housework and cooking in a heart beat.

  15. Your animals always look so happy. Love the first pic of the pig, so cute! I’m sorry to have read of your loss of ViV, I didn’t know her but have read some of her blog posts. It’s obvious the blogging community made a positive impact on her life.

  16. by now your party is most likely in full swing! I would love to see food photos please! Big hugs to all your helpers and you too!

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