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You would think, and I did as I scaled the side of the stock trailer and pulled myself up onto its roof, that this cloud would bring destructive weather to the farm. It looked so full of doom. But it did not. The long … Continue Reading “THE DOOM CLOUD”


Languishing in the back shed of a friend of Our John’s was this very old four row planter.  The moment he was offered it John was in the truck and collecting it. As near as we can work out with the minimum of research… Continue Reading “JOHN DEERE 490 PLANTER”

Disturbing Images

Followed by some very beautiful storm images. The images of Wai are the disturbing ones. So skip straight down to the storm images if you like – I won’t mind Wai the pot belly rescue pig has arrived and he is so much worse… Continue Reading “Disturbing Images”

Storms of Flowers

Amidst the storms in our skies – there are flowers in the garden. When I as young and had about the same amount of time for the flower garden as I do now, I used to plant piles of annuals that  grew from seed.… Continue Reading “Storms of Flowers”

Cheap Sauna

There is something inherently wrong about shifting cows, or milking or gardening with sweat running down your legs. Arms and face seem to be acceptable places for sweat. Maybe the brow, or even the belly. But the legs should be a sweat free zone… Continue Reading “Cheap Sauna”

Extreme Images of A Storm

Late yesterday morning I saw this great broody cloud coming over the horizon like a huge intergalactic mother ship, I dropped what I was doing and sprinting past the long list of work I should have been doing, I collected my camera, jumped in the… Continue Reading “Extreme Images of A Storm”

Growing in the Hot Storms

It is hot and muggy. Wet. As I am writing (4.45am) we are in the midst of quite a squall. The gale force winds have softened to just very high winds so I went through the torrential rain to  check the animals and the barn is quiet and… Continue Reading “Growing in the Hot Storms”

A Country Mile

What exactly is a country mile? Is it a little like a bakers dozen? Or are there no measurements to a country mile at all. A country mile sounds slow and gentle. A bit like “mostly”  I was thinking this when I looked at… Continue Reading “A Country Mile”

Exfoliating with ice

When working outside in an ice storm you can feel the ice pitting itself against your skin. Tiny little sharp pellets. No blood is drawn of course.  Though no self respecting animal would be caught out in it, just the mad dogs and New… Continue Reading “Exfoliating with ice”

Stormy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday the first of the autumnal storms roared across the farm.  These storms are very slim bands of weather. Hitting one farm and not the other. Wreaking havoc here and calm over there. Hugo laughed crazily and ran out into the storm. Josh had… Continue Reading “Stormy Chocolate Chip Cookies”