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Languishing in the back shed of a friend of Our John’s was this very old four row planter.  The moment he was offered it John was in the truck and collecting it. As near as we can work out with the minimum of research… Continue Reading “JOHN DEERE 490 PLANTER”

The gangs all here

Aunty Del has come back to the home paddocks.  She very happily leapt up into the stock trailer and I drove her over from the West Farm. I missed her.  She brought Lady Astor’s bobby with her.  She spent quite a bit of time… Continue Reading “The gangs all here”

It was only luck

It as only luck that I was on the tractor last night rolling out through the garden and along the empty grey fields, – past the pigs field, them runing out to meet me – we’re here we’re here … .. through the baby fellowship forest.… Continue Reading “It was only luck”

Soybean Harvest

Yesterday I looked up from planting trees and saw the big machines descend upon the farm that surrounds us, the land  belongs to John’s Uncle.  These are not our beans, we do not crop the fields. They are huge, heavy, expensive machines and move fast and within… Continue Reading “Soybean Harvest”

Fire in the hole!

As expected I scooped and shovelled “the proverbial” all day.  It was sunny and warmed up beautifully. I barely went inside all day. Cow manure does not smell too bad though so it was not an unpleasant task. Later while I was Across the… Continue Reading “Fire in the hole!”


For the first time since early summer Our john had both weekend days off. So between much deserved naps he was able to get some barn maintanence done. This whole barn is slipping North, sliding off its concrete foundation.  Years and years ago it… Continue Reading “Dancing”

Red door

This is what the kiwi builder was up to. He and John put in the first of the red doors (there are three)… the inside of the door is red too so when it stands open all summer the colour is still present. The… Continue Reading “Red door”

Queenie is sent to Coventry for Picking Fights…

..With Pigs. Yes you read right.  Queenie Wineti my sweet little Hereford heifer was caught picking a fight with a small PIG. It started out as such a soft and gentle misty day. The animals all slept in. The peacock added his new found… Continue Reading “Queenie is sent to Coventry for Picking Fights…”

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig.

I am home again.  As you can imagine it has been a busy day today.  All the animals are present and accounted for except for a few of Houdinis  chickens.  TonTon has already forgotton I had been away. Mia (little ewe) was immediately at… Continue Reading “Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig.”

The Corn Harvest

A combine harvester in my garden:             What was that about a picture and a thousand words? c