The gangs all here

Aunty Del has come back to the home paddocks.  She very happily leapt up into the stock trailer and I drove her over from the West Farm. I missed her.  She brought Lady Astor’s bobby with her. 

She spent quite a bit of time leaning over the fence watching Wai the litte rescue potbelly waddle about the yards eating weeds in the late evening light. That string holding the fence together looks like a bow under her chin doesn’t it! But it is not. Never fear. 

So, now, all the cows and heifers and steers are together here at the Home Farm. The workers and I wil pack the truck with all our tools and go to the West side this week, turn off the fences and do all the necessary weedeating and maintenance on the fences and gates over there, clean out the barn, load up the 100 bales I will buy on Friday and in a couple of weeks I will shift a late summer mob over there.

I know the plan is to sell at least four beasties due to the hay situation and the failed bull situation and according to the longterm plan (my farm cannot sustain too many big animals – over stocking for profit is not sustainable)  but I am dragging my feet. I just LIKE watching them moving about the fields.  

Usually it is quite hot by now, and the feed here is finished and I send a little herd over to the West Side  to loaf about under the trees and eat the long grass. But this year with all the rain and cool growing weather,  I am not in such a hurry and carrying a few more animals than usual. And I like having all the cows home and all together.

I will get them listed for sale soon. 

The two peahens Geraldine and Violet were collected by their new owners yesterday. Three little girls and their parents. A big peacock wandered into  their section over a year ago and they wanted hens to give him some company. Their Dad built a special peahen house so they can hang out for a while and get used to their environment  and home themselves to the shed, before being set free into the big trees there.

I still have Mr Flowers and Pania. Both of whom are free here. The two of them are a bit naughty in the garden but the damage is literally halved now.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

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22 Comments on “The gangs all here

  1. Wai is looking like a paisley pig now – his skin looks amazing in contrast to when you first got him.

  2. It looks like Wai is wearing the coat of many colours. Thanks for keeping us informed of his progress with words and photos.

  3. Hello Aunty Del! Such a pretty cow. We got over three inches of rain yesterday in central Texas. WOW. Have a wonderful day C. I’m sure you’re excited about your family arriving tomorrow.

  4. I understand about having cows. They are so peaceful to watch. Aunty Del is definitely a sweet cow. I am sure she is looking at Wai’s sores thinking, I need to lick that baby to health! But, as you said, your farm is a working farm and not a pet project. Geraldine, she was the hand raised hen right? I’m sure you will miss her company, but the new family will take care of her I am sure. How old is Pania? And what about the guinea fowl? Any of them remain?

    And lastly – go WAI!!! He is looking so good!!! Pretty pinks!

  5. One of Wai’s scars looks like a high heel boot.
    I finally wandered over to instagram and saw the video of him being herded back to you with his little chatty grunts as he walks. ❤❤ He sounded rather content to me. Not that I know pigs but that’s what it sounded like. I think that he’s a lot happier now.

  6. Judith is right. Wai is definitely in a coat of many colors. Glad the gang is all together and yes it would be a shame not to have those cows in your view in the field. I am so glad you mentioned Mr. Flowers and Pania. They are so lovely.

  7. I hope that you will get to keep a cow or a few bobbies for meat. Wai does look a lot better, he must be so happy to be able to move around more!

  8. Wai is looking good. Have fun with your family tomorrow.

  9. Fun to have all the girls there under your eye. Wai is looking better every time I see a photo – is he still the vet’s Wonder Pig, or don’t you need to share his progress with the vet so much any more?

  10. Wai is a Wonder Pig! You have done amazing work! All the animals look quite content. Thanks for reminding us you are a working farm and not a petting zoo. It will be hard to let some of the animals go, but nothing is static. Good luck with your projects on the West side.

  11. Letting any one of the cows go is going to be tough, but I know you make a grand effort to see that they go to loving homes which helps a whole lot. Wai looks great! I wish I could access Instagram — I did see him walking once–but I think I’ve missed more of his walks, and I don’t know how to find him on Instagram. Frustrating!

  12. I just watched the cows in the burdock–love it! But how can I see over again Wai walking toward you?

  13. Just watched Lady licking someone–her bobby? And whose legs coming slipping under her? Ton’s?

  14. I’m the same way with cows, albeit vicariously. I love seeing them in the paddocks on the hill behind our house. Deez-Dog also entertains himself by watching them. And the drive to and from town delivers, being lined with farms & cows. My favourite part is where the cows have access to a wide bend in the river adjacent to the road.

  15. I didn’t know you were planning on selling the peahens. I guess it makes sense if you are trying to grow a garden for selling! Have you decided which cows are staying?

  16. Wai is looking slimmer and it seems that most of his carapace is gone. Such a testament to his great caretaker.

  17. I thought our Aunty Del was sold a long time ago. And you still have Pania? Goodness!

  18. Watching is good for the spirit. So is loafing about under the trees, eating. Aunty Del is a model watcher. They are all pretty good role models for how to ruminate when we are let out from our homemade fences.

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