On the way

My visitors are in the air and on the way here.

So I may be in tomorrow morning – I may not. I may have a headache or be too excited to sleep and am up early talking to you or still talking to them. Who knows.ย 

One thing I know is that I had better get this sorry arse of mine in gear and get stuff done because very soon it will be time to hit the road and go pick them up from the airport.ย 

Soon the house will be full to over-flowing – just the way I like it.

Have a lovely day


Weather: A lovely day to see the farm for the first time.

Wednesday 08/09 10% / 0 in
Partly cloudy. High around 80F. Winds light and variable.

Wednesday Night 08/09 10% / 0 in
Clear to partly cloudy. Low 57F. Winds light and variable.

23 Comments on “On the way

  1. I wish you a wonderful visit, much happiness and the joy of family around you. We’ll be here when you’ve got time again ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh my gods, I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD. “I may have a headache”…that is a page out of my very own book. I often have them, more than I’d like (a whole lifetime of headaches, in fact, from puberty on), but it is amazing how handy they can — sometimes — be. I do hope you won’t really have one though. They are no fun.

  3. No doubt you still have a thousand things to do to get ready!!! Soooo exciting!!! I am absolutely positive that a fabulous time will be had by all!!! xoxoxo

  4. If you do get a headache, let’s hope it’s a worth it one! ๐Ÿ˜ Have a super time with your family, nothing better.

  5. Off and running, eh? I always look forward to family coming, though this time I’ll be the ‘family coming! Americans have a funny thing – first question upon seeing their visitors is “How long will you be staying?” This isn’t meant to be rude, but so plans for outings, reservations, food stocking, etc., can be made to make the visit smoother. Enjoy your visit!!!!!

  6. A house full sounds like a nightmare to me, but we only have one spare room – and it isn’t spare as it is himself’s wardrobe and the cats place to sleep and randomly puke on the bedclothes or his clothes… I just don’t go in there.

  7. Are they NZ visitors.? I do hope so, then you can show them all around your lovely farmy and introduce them to my favourite pig and of course, the other animals.

  8. The pictures belie the energy and excitement in your words, Celi. Some ladies on that farm seem fully satisfied with preparations, and have no inclination to “get . . . in gear and get stuff done .” I hope you get lots of time soon to imitate their attitude and just lie about on your porch, staring in wonder, soaking up the simple presence of your guests. Cows teach us things, as you well know.

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