Kids and Farms

No headache THIS  morning! But yesterday felt LONG! Then we were up talking late last night. Planning more food and more holidays. 

We were focusing in on this corn for a good shot when the Boo Shark could resist no longer and rose up and stole it.

My fourth son had the camera yesterday.

Nothing much else needs saying about this happy little boy. 

Today I hook the hay wagon up to my truck and drive over to another farm and collect 100 bales of hay. I have the manpower this week so we will load the alfalfa hay into the barn without too much trouble I think. One hundred bales does not take long. Just as long as one of the thunderstorm strays does not catch me out in the open.

I have had a corned beef brining since the weekend so we are going to cook that up for dinner tonight. Corned beef sandwiches with tomatoes warm from the garden and grilled aubergine (eggplant). Maybe even some kale chips!

We had a banger of a storm last night so no need to pull the hoses into the gardens today. Everything is thoroughly watered.

I hope you have a lovely day.

I had better get up  – my milking assistant is going to be erupting into the kitchen any minute.

Love celi

Weather: Such gorgeous weather for visitors from New Zealand.

Friday 08/11 20% / 0 in Cloudy early with partial sunshine expected late. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 76F. Winds NW at 10 to 15 mph.

Friday Night 08/11 10% / 0 inMainly clear. Low around 55F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.


33 Comments on “Kids and Farms

  1. That’s an exceptionally beautiful child! Today’s photos are gorgeous, and that one of Bad Boo the Corn Thief is fantastic. You can almost see him thinking “Mine!”

  2. Chickens, eggs, baby chicks, all on the farm. The mind puts the puzzle together. Fortunate boy.

  3. Farms are something that city children learn about in books and so visiting one is a treat. It’s fun. And even more so because they are soooo wonderfully dirty!
    I remember visiting my uncle farm in the summer as a child. To me it was the best vacation ever. Following him around that farm is one of my best memories. He told me some terribly apocryphal and often off color stories while I followed him and every night my aunt would scold him about them. I don’t remember the stories, just the fun of listening to him tell them. I remember his infinite patience with my presence and how wonderful it was to help him.
    I hope you and your grandson build up lots of memories of love and fun this week. 🙂

  4. A face that happy makes all your diligence so worth it. I trust the same glow was on your face as well.

  5. How fabulous to have family here, and that they are also keen to help on the farm!!! It will be great to have the 100 bales tucked away for the winter! And even more wonderful tucking it up in the barn with loved ones!!! So happy for you all!!!!! xoxoxo

  6. So glad the weather is behaving … wonderful memories being made right there 🙂 Laura

  7. Lovely pictures! Pure pleasure to watch a child have fun. Boo and Ton seem quite comfortable with their new sidekick. Enjoy your family time.

  8. Wonderful to know some family is visiting. Lovely photos. Adorable grandson! Hope you enjoy every second!

  9. I’m just so happy for you. No one deserves a major shot of joy than you, Cecilia!

  10. What a beautiful child – and I hate to comment on looks alone so let me explain that I mean the roses in his cheeks and the light in his eyes are beautiful! Clearly he loves the farmy. So glad you are getting this visit! 💚

  11. How absolutely joyous that handsome grandson of your is. I’m sure you’re having a wonderful time with your fourth son and his family and that they’re enjoying being with you too. Have a marvelous day.

  12. Now, Celi Gunther, will you please give Camera House right back to Fourth Son – these photos, including yours, are just delightful ! Feet and hands may be evocative, but faces say more . . . . hope the young fella so enjoys all the ‘aminals’ as my kids used to call them . . . . Have a fab time . . .

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