On the verandah

Sitting on the verandah – with coffee in the morning – shucking the speckled corn so it can dry just a little further before we grind it into flour.  This is one of the Indian corns an old heirloom corn,  so I will be saving plenty of seeds too. It grew deep in my vegetable garden far from the maize that fills the fields.

Once dried and ground I will make it into tortillas and bread.

That will be interesting.

One hundred more bales of hay in the barn.

The New Zealanders are having a wonderful time.

Love celi

Weather: Beautiful for visitors from New Zealand.

Saturday 08/12 10% / 0 inSunny to partly cloudy. High 77F. Winds NNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Saturday Night 08/12 20% / 0 inSome clouds. Low 54F. Winds light and variable.




32 Comments on “On the verandah

  1. My ex-girlfriend told me you couldn’t eat Indian corn so we just had it hanging up in our kitchen. I want to try making flour tortillas with it now… 🙂

  2. What kind of grinder do you use? It’s beautiful. I always heard that Indian corn was not edible. I will have to check that out, where to get seed for it!

  3. Lovely. Decorative and tasty. Win-win. What wonderful memories your New Zealanders will have to take with them. Not too much trouble to pack up. Enjoy.

  4. What glorious coloured cobs, as far as I know ours only come in yellow or yellow and white. Looking forward to seeing the ground flour. Enjoy your weekend. Laura

  5. Indian corn – beautiful and edible, just not tender like the yellow or white. It needs to be soaked, and slow cooked. Thanks for the photos – great one to put on a calendar or by itself!

  6. That will make beautiful, multi colored, corn bread! 🙂

  7. It just occurred to me — have you visited or seen photos of the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota? It’s quite a display, and is one of my earliest vacation memories — probably around 1950.

  8. I used to love visiting my daughter in Ohio and we’d buy the multi-coloured and blue corn. Grandkids were just littlies then and we’d sit and shuck together. Daughter used to make flour then tortillas with it.

  9. One year we grew Indian corn and sold the bunches. Good for you for drying it, grinding it and using it!! I am SUCH a ‘slug’ compared to all you do my friend! ; o )

  10. Those cobs are like jewels. Do they take something like a coffee grinder to reduce them to grits or flour once they’re dry?

  11. A fascinating lesson for a totally ignorant bod re any kind of corn 🙂 ! Beautiful photo to go alongside. Differ from you as I have always used food items for decoration . . . nature thrills . . .

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