The Gold of “Good Job”

Today is the last big farm to table lunch of the season.


And I am exhausted by my struggle with the knowledge of the departure of Fourth Son and his family tomorrow.  Packing the memories in tight.

It is misty this morning. The corn so high we are cocooned.  Castled with no windows.

We were up so late catching the meteor showers that I forgot to lock up the calf so there will not be much milk this morning. My little farm helper will be ready at the door very soon.  He has done all the chores with me every day since he arrived. A fearless little four year old child. Carrying his buckets and his pride high as he pushes along.

Farms are great places for children to succeed, with praise. And it is this success that becomes embedded.  Good Job is one of the most powerful words for a child to hear. Especially if he is aware of the struggle he has been through, overcoming the fear of pigs, of carrying a heavy bucket, or staying quite still exactly where he is told.

Yesterday he had to pick up his milking stool and run behind another gate shutting it behind him and climbing back onto the stool so I could see him – all in time for Lady to steam past. A pattern of movements we had practised for just this eventuality. (Lady had been trying to break her calf out of the corner pen and needed to be moved into the milking room fast).  His success smile as he received his “Good Job, Fast Work.” was like gold in his pocket. He might forget the incident. But he will not forget the knowledge of his fast, smooth, well timed movements.  Getting to the right place, at the right time with the right knowledge. Gold.

Here he is already and me not quite ready.

Today we go to the next step and he can bring his stool in beside the cows head (once she is in the stanchion) and he can be the handmaiden pushing her food forward with the brush.  He will love that or hate it and retreat back behind the milking wall!

Talk soon

Love c

Weather: Lovely! Cool.


32 Comments on “The Gold of “Good Job”

  1. Those are beautiful grandchildren and my heart would be heavy too having to say goodby. I love how you are teaching the four year old to move to safety quickly and rewarding his execution of the direction. Some children never hear that phrase and you are right, it is gold in their pocket. Beautiful post this fine rainy morning. Enjoy your day with family.

    • What insearchofitall said, ditto — except it’s a lovey sunny breezy and warm summer day here 🙂

  2. He will remember this visit, if not the exact activities, then certainly the good feelings that he felt while on the Farmy. Enjoy your day with the family…..hold tight and package well for preservation.

  3. It’s never long enough with family! Hopefully they will be back again in the near future, although travel across half the world is not easy! So wonderful that they could come! xo

  4. I know what you mean by cocooned by the corn – I’ve stayed on a French farm surrounded by six foot corn and sunflowers.

  5. Hugs all the way to you from your far off friend in New Zealand. That little boy knows that Grandma loves him and will remember his pride in doing just as he was told and manageing to avoid the rush of cow aiming for calf. Your words of praise and encouragement will stay with him.

  6. Enjoy every second with them. This will be imprinted in his memory forever. Nothing like it😃

  7. Saying good by to loved ones that live far away is so hard. It never gets easier. That little boy is precious. I have some memories of my mom milking the cows when I was about the same age.

  8. Good Work, Miss C, you’ve kept that little boy safe. That sort of training teaches very small children that there is danger, but it need not be feared if you’re well prepared. I do love that shot of Boy with Cat Pillow 🙂 And how alike he and his brother are…

  9. Looks like there is not a better lot to be cocooned with and your wee grandson is beautiful. How wonderful that you are teaching him so well through daily activities. A much anticipated visit ends and your heart fills. Goodbyes stink!

  10. Goodbyes are so bittersweet, safe travels and happy landings. The farmy is going to very quiet on Tuesday, we will be here ready to chat as usual. Laura

  11. What a blessing to have your beautiful family with you and give your grandson these gifts. So happy for you and him! Enjoy every minute.

  12. I find myself with a heartache – so full of happy memories like you describe from my own childhood! The joy of your family and the utter wonderment on the children’s faces makes my heart sing! Thank you! Your grandson is magic with your gold kitty!

  13. Ditto Insearchofitall’s words…Yes, parting is such sweet sorrow. But now that you will be giving up milk cows you will be able to travel more often and for longer periods of time to visit your wee ones…and the big ones too! Just think too…when the grandchildren get a little older, they will be able to travel by themselves to come stay with you on the Farmy for maybe the whole summer or school holidays. Now that will be something to look forward to in a few years! 🙂

  14. Today’s words made me cry. It is so hard to leave or have family leave….and mine only lives 3 hours away…but no matter…it is the same scene every time we say good bye.

  15. Lovely pictures and the ripples of these days will have a positive effect on the children’s growing. What a treasured gift to give them. Way to go Grandma!

  16. I love that you said, “Good job” and not, “Good boy”. Praising the work and not the character!!

    I, too, have a fond memory of being on my grandparents’ farm when I was at most 4 years old. I know this because my grandfather died in November when I was 4. Experiences are the greatest memories. With my sister, who was 7 years older , and I were in a field picking up sticks. But then she picked up a big one that drooped in half. A snake! Eeeks!

  17. This reminds me of one of my favourite quotations by Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”. Goodbyes are so hard. Sending love and hugs. xx

  18. I can assure you , C., that he will remember the images too, and the smells, and the sounds. All that life and energy, and yours, will be with him from now on, guiding him through the business and distractions to come. Lucky him! Lucky you.

  19. I have been ‘with’ you for seemingly five years – these are my favourite photos of this time – thank you for showing us the littlest member of the team also. The pic of your older g’child and the puss is absolutely priceless. Am thinking of Vera Lynn’s wartime ‘don’t know where, don’t know when, but’ . . . but think of the next hug and kiss . . . . it will be alright . . .

  20. I recall the bitter sweet feelings of the departure, me usually the one departing. So many wonderful memories will be tucked away, ready to pounce just when needed; a smell, a sight, a soundc will bring them on at precisely the right moment.

  21. How wonderful that your fourth son and family were able to visit! Great memories!!

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