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Soybean Harvest

Yesterday I looked up from planting trees and saw the big machines descend upon the farm that surrounds us, the land  belongs to John’s Uncle.  These are not our beans, we do not crop the fields. They are huge, heavy, expensive machines and move fast and within… Continue Reading “Soybean Harvest”

A Good Kick in the Face

Yesterday was a beautiful day. After all the storms and tornadoes, that were kept well clear of my gardens but wreaked havoc in other towns close by,  the day dawned fine and clear if a little drippy. Allison was the 1940’s Kitchen Mama. Kim was… Continue Reading “A Good Kick in the Face”

Time with it’s Laws

Morning. Evening. Time will move along. As we move along in its clear wake from gentle cool spring into an unknown summer. The laws of time are rock. Our rock. I hope you all have a lovely day. Your friend celi

Someone left the Calf out in the Rain

Early, early morning just after the milking and Queenie and I were slogging through the mud to get to the gate to open it for Daisy.  The rain is very welcome. The muck and mud; not so welcome. Mia was not feeling photogenic when… Continue Reading “Someone left the Calf out in the Rain”