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Writing and farming below freezing

Yesterday was colder than ever and the wind was blowing fiercely scoring the skin off my face and the water out of my own eyes. So cold that if you are doing the dishes and your hands are a little wet, and you pop… Continue Reading “Writing and farming below freezing”

Daisy’s Naughty Face

Daisy is not always nice. But she is slowly increasing her milk production again.  Ever so slowly. She was smelling sweeter yesterday too.  I personally think she has been a little off colour. She has had other symptoms indicating a heath struggle. But she… Continue Reading “Daisy’s Naughty Face”

It was not the 6th…

When I loaded all these shots I wrote the 6th of November as their label.  But it was not the 6th.  It was the 7th and another dreary day. Today will be better. Look at this fat Charlotte.  Standing solidly on all four feet… Continue Reading “It was not the 6th…”

Beautiful Cold

Winter came, just popping in to remind me that he is on his way. No resting on your laurels, miss c. Winter is still a gentle voice in the distance, but he is on the road.  But so beautiful, this cold. I guess the… Continue Reading “Beautiful Cold”

A Fine day on the Farmy

It was a grey chilly day.  Almost no direct sunlight.  It is funny how even the tiniest shaft of sun can lift our heads. Yes, this is the same peacock. The Duke of Kupa’s train is growing so fast! This has surprised me, I… Continue Reading “A Fine day on the Farmy”

Charlotte begins her Slow Recovery. Because I said so.

Yesterday, I called the vet to talk about The Shush Sister Charlotte, who is still walking very wonkily.  And not often. She lists to the side like a sinking container ship.  But the vet was out for the day and would not be back… Continue Reading “Charlotte begins her Slow Recovery. Because I said so.”

Charlotte the Pig is Feeling Poorly

She has started limping quite badly. And a fat pig limping is a very sorry sight.  It is  one of her back legs below that rather large ham of a butt-hock. Sorry Char had to say it. I have called around and on occasion… Continue Reading “Charlotte the Pig is Feeling Poorly”

Sunday Farm Cameos

It seems we had a day of cameos. Solo performances. A Sunday. Son of Son of Neanderthol Man. Just watching. Author with his big liquid baby eyes.  The Duke Of Kupa on the prowl.  Paisley Daisy does calm Sunday very well. Sheila the Babe… Continue Reading “Sunday Farm Cameos”

There was a car hiding in my barn – off with its head!

The peacocks have done a good job of camouflaging this car. It is a parts car, for a project that is on hold, and was using up an entire bay in the barn. So out it goes into the cold. To make room for… Continue Reading “There was a car hiding in my barn – off with its head!”

A gypsy summer day with three new teensy weensy arrivals

First this most magnificent day in chronological order because that is the way we do things. It was like a sumptious spring day yesterday. All cushiony and warm and loud with birdsong. A scanty bright sunrise over the swimming pool.  Fat sheep!! A growth… Continue Reading “A gypsy summer day with three new teensy weensy arrivals”