It was not the 6th…

When I loaded all these shots I wrote the 6th of November as their label. 

But it was not the 6th. 

It was the 7th and another dreary day.

Today will be better. Look at this fat Charlotte. 

Standing solidly on all four feet like a good girl. Even if she has broken into the vegetable garden which is finished and waiting for its winter blankets. 


The good thing about rain is; it cleans the sheep’s wool  up beautifully.  I ran into trouble when I went to retrieve the Daily View. There were two labelled the 6th November.

And they looked almost exactly the same. 

The temperatures had the same problem, as there was very little change there either.

Good morning. It is going to be a little warmer for a few days now.  The Writing is at 28,431 which is good because I feel the struggle coming now. First I could not get enough of the location and the characters but now I feel the hard work coming on. It is the same when producing a play. There comes a time when you have to get out and Push it along until it gathers enough momentum to become the monster that will gaily tow you along to the finish line. About the only thing I know is that the self propulsion, I call it the monster because he is unstoppable when he kicks in, always comes. As long as you keep pushing, eventually all the parts click together and it works.

I guess it is the same for most big projects if they are right. And now I must get my farm clothes on,tie my hair up,find my jacket, boots, torch and hattie and go out into the dark and find my cow and start the milking.  Then get my nose back to the grindstone.

Have a lovely day.


47 Comments on “It was not the 6th…

  1. Well done on the writing – I am seriously impressed! And everyone on the farmy looks very happy and looking forward to a few milder days!

  2. Yes, very well done on the writing. I have a few hours relegated to the Writing today, and I hope to reach the monster. So far, the monster has come in the form of illness, and I have taken to my bed. But I will not be thwarted!

    I love that your picture series is beginning to blend one into another. Such a true reflection of the gloomy cold days that are to come.

  3. Great to see a standing Charlotte. Well done for all the words. I can’t wait to read the novel when you’re ready for an editor!

  4. glad to see that Charlotte is well enough to wreak a bit of havoc in the veggie plot, she looks so solid a bit like a brick on legs!

  5. Does that poor rusty car stay outdoors all winter? Great job on keeping up with the extra tasks you keep demanding of yourself…but then again you no longer have all the gardening jobs you did a few months ago.

  6. Congratulations on your word count. I know that writing is difficult and you must be in the mood and avoid writers cramp or brain cramp… Good luck to you. Take Care, BAM

  7. Morning, Celi. Love your pictures. The sheep’s wool looks so nice. And your rooster on the table. We’re a chilly 27F here this morning but supposed to be 67 over the week-end! Time to fix breakfast for this crew. Have a great day!

  8. Seriously impressive word count, c. Well done. Charlotte is one sturdy little piggie. Golly. When is she old enough to start having little Charlies and Charlottes?

  9. That photo of Big Dog snuggled under that colorful afghan takes the dreary out of the day. There’s something so incredibly sweet about that shot. Sunshine here this a.m. in southern Minnesota. Finally.

  10. WOW glad to see Charlotte looking SO good – even raiding the garden!
    Your novel seems to making great progress every day.
    So, the chickens are eating ‘out’, are they? lol Poor Dog is looking downright cozy in his blankie.

  11. i am so happy to hear that charlotte is doing better! maybe it was just a sprain? it does look like you are going to be in for a few days of warm sunny weather!

  12. With that many words down you can afford to slow down or even take a break… beware of the wall.. but you’ve done damn well up to now…average 3500 a day that’s good going…

    • I prefer to keep chipping each day. My weakness is in starting again if i take a break. So I am going to allow myself a few days where I only do 500 or so. Friday will be the first one, I have to go and buy a suitcase!!

      • Cecilia.. one thing I found was during the writing when I started to loose speed a walk around the garden or whatever thinking about where I should be heading always gave me renewed energy…
        And today my first book sold R 7 500 ($930.00) per book… I only collected them from the printers this afternoon… so may be 2013 is going to be my year…

  13. You can feel the cold creeping in…just looking at these pictures makes me reach for the warm mug. I love what you say about the Monster, and feel inspired to create a monster of my own.
    Have a good day.

  14. For the first time in months, my “daily shot” looks a lot like yours. We even have a little rain and some delightful, non-threatening wind! I realize that I’m so acclimated to sunshine that when it gets like this I want to crawl under my blanket, sit by the fire, and read. I guess I’ll have to push forward a bit, too, today! You’re doing great, Celi. Keep at it! 🙂

  15. Wish I could lend you my suitcases. The only way they’d get to New Zealand, I’m afraid. I’ve heard NZ waterfalls far outstrip Hawaiis. Kupa on the car and rooster on the table. They must love heights. Big dog looks so cozy and Charlotte just terrific!

    • I am off to buy a new lightweight suitcase tomorrow .. my others have been worn quite to death and i have a horror of my belongings being strung out along the tarmac when the bugger pops open, or worse on the carousel.. horrible thought.. c

  16. I love that your chickens have come to your table for a tea party! I think these dreary days drag out the best writing because there are no temptations to run and frisk about somewhere else. Good luck with your writing today, push through, girl, push through!!

  17. That daily view has become very comforting to me lately. Thru the past few difficult days it’s been nice to visit you and the farmy and feel assured that life keeps on keeping on. 🙂 Much obliged Celi. (linked on latest post) Now back to writing.

  18. That’s the thing about November and very often much of December. The gray skies and soft lighting make the days blend into each other. Once the trees are bare, there is very little change in the landscape to indicate a difference from day to day, or, even week to week. Snow offers some respite but with it comes another type of “sameness”. We’ll save that discussion for another time, presumably in January.
    Have a great day today, Celi.

  19. Glad to see Charlotte is doing better. It’s really heart breaking when an animal is not well and they can’t tell you why. We finally got a day of sunshine today, so everyone is walking around with a bit more of a bounce in their step. And it’s Thursday, which is always a good thing.

  20. Now don’t work that nose too closely to the grindstone or you won’t be able to smell ! Ha ha
    I’ve always wanted a house with a verandah, always. the chickens would be optional but look like they fit in so well.

  21. I like your not quite the daily view wih the chickens in it, and Big Dog snuggled with his blanky gives a real feel to your weather – and there is the joy in the first few instances of change of season milestones, may as well celebrate it 🙂

  22. Now isn’t that lovely to see hush hush Sweet Charlotte standing on four trotters. Hurrah! Celi your word count is amazing. I am applauding you from far away. Virginia

    • Yes we are the View Club, I would like to get one member in every country and in every State too- wouldn’t that be amazing.. how does it feel to be a founding member!! c

  23. Great word count! Charlotte is looking well. I’m glad she doesn’t have the need to stand atop things, like Kupa and the rooster do.

  24. You are a real writer! You’ve got to the hard stuff. Congratulations, and all the best with pushing through. I’ve just had some hard stuff myself, at the last minute when permission was not granted to use something. So I’ve had to rewrite my own version – and you know, these obstacles always result in something far better emerging. The parts that have to be wrestled with are the parts that are really meaty in the end.

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