Oh dear …

I got so carried away with The Writing that I did not get enough decent images for you yesterday. Or at least I forgot to check to make sure I had enough shots. Which I did not. And then it was too late.

This is the only one worth looking at and Daisy is all foreshortened, with her rump blending with the sky, she looks more goose than cow and Queenie is disinterested.Β 

I was going to talk about the ecosystem of the barn, how it all works together, how the kittens bring just the right tone of pragmatic cuddly, but it was so dark all day, so dreary and no-one would hold still for their photographs in the barn, and then it started to rain. Well, more of a drizzle, to go with the dreary. Β Later the drizzle turned to slushy snowy rain. Not real snow though. None of that yet, thank goodness. Just wet and drippy.

So, I leave you with the Daily View.

Another cold morning.

And a story with 24,746 words. So far. I told you I worked well under pressure! Nanowrimo does introduce pressure.

Have a lovely, lovely day.


72 Comments on “Oh dear …

  1. Don’t worry about us: you plough on with Nano. Any pics at all are just fine with me. I’ve given myself a stiff neck and back today editing and re-writing old stuff ready to submit, so make sure you take enough breaks.

    • I do understand the stiff neck, my arms ache, I keep adjusting my seat but it is never right! I need one of those big balls to sit on! c

    • she has that neck stretched out to see better look about her..hope all is well with you.. i shall pop over to see.. c

      • carrying on just the same here c, little physical improvements for her, moments of great distress for me ! trying hard to be strong in front of her at the least but not always succeeding…

  2. Half way in 7 days…. you go girl… you’ll be able to turn out a novel a month after this challenge… I love the cow photo…

  3. Morning, c, and the farmy! Sunny here for a change, although still a bit nippy outside. The hard frost did in the remainder of the flowers in the borders, so I reckon it’s time to start looking at seed catalogues again. Lovely shot of Daisie and Queenie – typically cow-ish, unconcerned and aloof.

  4. tipy tap, tip tap, tipy tap on the keyboards – remember to get up and take a walk around every now and then celi, and roll your shoulders to release the tension.

  5. I am very behind. Only in the 3000s. There are days of 12 hour shifts in my future too. I do like having a goal though. You are right, pressure helps stimulate the mind.

  6. I think it is impossible to do everything I want to in a day: writing/editing my book, blogging, cleaning, mothering…there are definitely days when some of those things just don’t get done! And it’s ok. Though, to be sure, the mothering part can’t relaly be set aside too well! No worries, Celi – you’re doing great!

  7. keep up the good work on writing. it is amazing how far you are in your writing and still able to do it all at home!!! amazing!

  8. Ah, the light. Zia and I were talking about it last night. I mentioned that over the weekend I cooked my dinners in mid-afternoon, hoping to catch some light for photos. All that I got were early suppers because the sky was too overcast for photos. I think I need a better plan.
    Hope we see some sun today!

  9. Less can be more – that’s a very good cow shot πŸ˜‰
    Don’t tell the girls, but I just bought more pig cheeks!

  10. Hi Celi, just wondering if Queenie has ever shown excitement about anything??? She always seems disinterested, no matter what thrilling things are happening around her!!! πŸ™‚ Di

    • A big farm house, up high above a beach. If it works, I will begin to edit it january first, then we will see.. fingers crossed.. well not crossed because then it is hard to type! c

  11. I wish I had Queenie’s eyelashes and her curly hair!! πŸ™‚ Cinders…hold the shift key down and press the key after the L then same thing with the parenthesis key….. πŸ™‚ or 😦 and if it’s really funny…..:)))))))))))))))

  12. Can’t believe you’re already having snow! It certainly turned from fall to winter there quickly. With all you do and writing a book, too, you certainly get a pass on the images! Have a good day! πŸ™‚

  13. Yah! I see Big Dog is wearing his greatcoat; the two cows are very pretty. Going to be 70 soon! The temperature, I mean. Keep on truckin’ with those words, Ceci.

  14. You are doing so well, the words are flowing out of you. As for photos, all is forgiven! The farmy looks bleak right now, but my eye keeps going to the dry hydrangea heads and marvelling at how they are holding on. I’m glad that you have hydrangeas in the daily view; it’s like a bit of NZ in there.

    • Charlotte is doing extremely well..in fact i am giving her the all better badge.. pics tomorrow.. morning yummy! c

  15. Sheesh: didn’t you hear us talking to Daisy and Queenie – oh, they did moo ‘shush’ and nodded their head to show you where you were working . . .:) !

  16. Seems like you are doing great with the Nanowrimo πŸ™‚ The shot of Queenie and Daisy is nice, but apparently they are not very happy with the weather… there’s nothing like a green field, they must be thinking πŸ˜‰

  17. I want to sit up in that tree. Can I? Pretty please!? … Your critters have so much personality! Like their mom perhaps?

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