Beautiful Cold

Winter came, just popping in to remind me that he is on his way.

No resting on your laurels, miss c.

Winter is still a gentle voice in the distance, but he is on the road. 

But so beautiful, this cold. I guess the spiders are gone. Their webs are frozen solid.

I shot the Daily View early. So you could see what I felt. Are your fingers feeling that cold?

And then I encountered an interesting problem. Because the cover of the old temperature gauge is broken, the inside was all iced up and misty. I wonder if we will even be able to see it when it gets really cold. This will be interesting.  However the maxi/mini tells it all. A low of 18 I guess.  Minus 7C. Not too cold yet.

It is 24 (-4C), out there, as I write.  That is still within the bounds of live-able cold. And the sky is bright so we will have a good day.

I wrote an adequate number of words yesterday, but today, after visiting the Old Codger, I expect to get in a good afternoons writing.

You all have a lovely day.  Please feel free to steal or share any of these images. I don’t mind sharing.  My favourite for my pinterest page today is the one with the treehouse in the background.

Rug up warm..


68 Comments on “Beautiful Cold

  1. They’re all lovely. We had a big frost this morning. It’s gone now that the sun is beaming, and my washing has more or less dried.

  2. Had to put my fleecy on by second picture and make a hot cup of coffee by no 3. I am now sweating 🙂 it is 33 deg C here today. Would a bit of clear tape over the bottom of the cover not help? Love the pictures but not the temperatures. Enjoy your day. Laura

  3. It is election day and I hope the cold doesn’t stop anyone ft voting. How far is the poling station from your house?
    The coming of winter is never a reason for joy, but your post is wonderful in any weather or season,

    • Though I cannot vote, being a foreigner and all, John will toddle off to the next town where the line will be short and it is a quick zip in and out. Nothing like the terrible waits city people have to endure. c

  4. We had frost this morning also. Just put the winter-weight duvets on the bed. Stay warm, regards to the oldie, and happy writing this afternoon.

  5. I love the details that show up when frost arrives. Cobwebs and dust particles, bits of rust on things, all seem to come to life with a touch of frost.

  6. hi c! we still have not had a proper frost though it was 26 degrees this morning. we have been covering pots and fountains and such. hunkering down for winter. i sure hope we get some this year!

  7. We’re layered-up here as well…it made 27 this morning, and we’re going for a bright, sunny 45 for a high…the wind has a knife edge.
    The dog is in my office, rather than out stalking things…

  8. We’ve not had the hard frost you’ve had. The Lake is still relatively warm and shields us this time of the year, buffering our temps. Now, don’t feel jealous, Celi. We’ll catch up soon enough and then we’ll have all that lake effect snow to deal with — and still you laugh at my snow blower! 🙂
    Have a great day!

    • I promise not to laugh at your snowblower, though I imagine it will be laughing to itself if it gets some snow to blow!! c

  9. Oh no, the cold has come far too quickly for my liking C. Not to mention we have still not seen summer – I am sure it is close, it has to be.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  10. I remember this feeling of creeping cold from childhood in Canada. This is a magical post and brought back memories!

  11. It was 23* when I left for work this morning and everything is covered with heavy white frost.
    We had snow last week from Hurricane Sandy. We can handle the cold and snow but hate the wind. Your spiderwebs look elegant!!

  12. Beautiful shots today of the frost. Love the one of the sunrise and also the fence with it’s frozen cobwebs. We too have -3 degrees Celsius weather this morning. I’m off to look for woolens and other warm underclothes for my kids. Stay warm!

  13. Fantastic that you got out there for these beautiful shots Celi. One good wind and those frozen webs will be gone.
    I know you can’t vote, and I imagine you probably feel the same as I do because I can’t vote in England either while I love her and want to protect her, but I hope that whoever is elected today will do what’s best for you, your family and your adopted country.

  14. Beautiful photos, but they make me brrrrrr. We have a bit of fall color here but a lot of green on the trees still. Our low temps at night have gotten into the upper 30s-lower40s range. So our changes are never as dramatic as this. The Daily View shots are amazing. Wouldn’t it be fun to take them and do a time-lapse slide show, like one of those little flip-drawing books we used to make as children? Did you ever make one of those? Like animation drawings? Have a wonderful, productive writing day, and stay warm!

  15. I sure got a shiver with your photos–not sure if it was the cold or the beauty.

  16. Brrrr. Chilly through the screen.
    The German called to say her Person’s heat is not functioning, but the German doesn’t mind being a snow babe originally…and is looking forward to dancing in the snow….fine for you, I said. (and didn’t I say ALWAYS keep a sleeping bag around – you just never know…silly moms)
    Give that Old Codger a howdy. Bet he has some winter tales
    Stay warm and get some rest sometime, Celi!

  17. Your images are the first I’ve seen of old man winter, to come….Beautiful but Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! I see Big Dog out there with his cozy on!! 🙂

  18. oh what you captured in those photos…..i believe I need a cup of hot tea if I’m
    to look at them again !!

  19. Good morning, Ceci, I am a fairly new reader but your blog came highly recommended and I can see why! It is a pleasure to open my email each morning and see what is going on on your farm.
    This post reminded me of Michigan winters growing up. Now in California, I miss the frost and fall and winter-type things but not the snow. Now that we have sheep and chickens my husband reminds me that I would not be happy breaking the ice on the barn water every morning!
    I am leaving for a visit to Australia soon for a bunch of sheep farm visits, so I will take you along! Thank you for sharing your daily adventures.

    • Good morning Jacalyn, welcome welcome to the farmy, I am thrilled that you are off out to Aussie to look at the sheep farming out there, it is very different to ours.. and tell your husband I carry a big metal standard for wacking the ice in the water troughs every morning! c

  20. Hoar frost is perhaps the most beautiful part of winter. I don’t miss the bitter prairie cold, but I do miss the definite season changes. The impatience and cosmos are still blooming in the garden. The leaves are thinking about falling. And it rains incessantly. That’s our fall into winter mode. I do so love the early morning dawn photograph. Hugs Virginia

  21. This is the first winter for me with the farmy, and it’s going to be interesting… I vicariously enjoyed your lovely summer during our mild winter but now as the weather warms up for me I’m seeing your [beautiful] images of the equivalent of just about the coldest I’ve ever had to deal with in reality, and I know for you it get sssooooo much colder.

  22. We too had a frost last night. What makes that unusual is that We live in the sunny Mangamahu valley, just south of Wanganui and it is supposed to be spring here. Tomatoes and basil survived but the pumpkins didn’t look too happy.

  23. If you can pop the cover off that thermometer, I bet you could pop in a desiccant packet assuming you have one left over from a previous purchase of an item that had one in the packaging. If you don’t, you could try wedging some rice grains in there as a make-shift desiccant. Both will absorb moisture and prevent that fogging up. In theory at least.

      • You might want to cover that hole with a piece of tape too. I don’t know if a desiccant will work, but it seems like it should.

  24. What a glorious hoary daily picture! Don’t know my constitution would stand the feeling any more 🙂 ! It’s 11am here Down Under and I’m taking the day off: five of our free-to-air stations are beginning your Election countdown and nothing would keep me from ‘praying my guy in’ . . . the US may be 50:50, according to all the many graphs I have seen, the rest of the world is not . .

  25. Beautiful? Yes! But way to cold for my blood! We have been having temps into the low thirties recently, but now we are warming up again. This Sunday promises a daytime high of 79. Not too shabby, I say. ~ Lynda

  26. I was shivering as I read this. Still haven’t quite worked out how to read the temp gauge on the left as I really like the old one on the right, but I can see I’m going to have to transfer my allegiance (sigh). What a striking contrast your winter brings. The daily view has really been going through some rapid changes.

  27. I like the sunrise, with the tractor and the dogs. But it looks so ccccccold.

  28. YIKES! Frost and minus numbers? It’s quite scary for sure. I bet you are counting the minutes until you leave for summer!

  29. When I run this “late” I don’t always comment, Celi, but I had to…the photos of the sky are just beautiful. I cannot even imagine the cold, but it is breathtaking…that’s probably a literal comment! 🙂 Lovely, lovely!

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