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My friend said to me …

“My  Grand-Daddy was a gambling  man,”  my friend said to me yesterday as we were packing her fresh eggs into boxes.  We had been talking about drunks.  The weekend kind who had a drink and went to sleep.  My friend does not drink.  But… Continue Reading “My friend said to me …”

Did you Find Your Voice?

I learnt an awful lot at the Press Publish Conference in Portland on the weekend. I am going to share as much as I can with you over the next week.  As usual these things will weave themselves in and out of the fabric… Continue Reading “Did you Find Your Voice?”


Half way to somewhere. In transit.  Betwixt and between. When I travel between where I have been and where I am going, I descend into a deeply organised stream of consciousness kind of existence that has no tether. I seldom speak now except to… Continue Reading “Flux”

Letters For My Baby Girl

The Second Fellowship Book. Letters for my Baby Girl. “Yes my darling girl. That is you.” Our last and first book Letters for my little Sister  was written by a  group of women from The Fellowship who created  an extraordinarily honest and powerful anthology of discussions… Continue Reading “Letters For My Baby Girl”


There is a little devil in me that hates for me to succeed. I have lived with this little devil all my life.  This devil in my brain is a saboteur. Time and time again I get so close to wonder, so close to… Continue Reading “Sabotage”

How I write the Farmy Blog

No pictures today! It was ‘one of those days’ yesterday and Our darling Barb at Just a Smidgen. has passed the baton to me to discuss writing so I am only writing today. Barb is a poet, photographer and designer of no small renown so I find… Continue Reading “How I write the Farmy Blog”

A letter for my sister

My mother died when I was a young Mum, very young actually, I was in my early 20’s with four children already. Then a baby girl later, who never met her Nan.  But we all know that. What we forget is that Mum was the… Continue Reading “A letter for my sister”

The first Snow of the Winter

I was most definitely not ready for having an entire day below freezing in November.   Though I just checked the blog post for this date exactly a year ago and it was only marginally warmer.  So why am I surprised. Though no snow… Continue Reading “The first Snow of the Winter”

nanowrimo without the capitals

Last year I signed up for nanowrimo. And  finished in 21 days. It is an interesting concept. Basically it is a dare. You dare yourself to write 50,000 words towards a novel, hopefully including a beginning a middle and an end  – in one… Continue Reading “nanowrimo without the capitals”