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Beauty Is as Beauty Does.

Sometimes we don’t need many words. Sometimes we need the words of the masters. Because we are surrounded in beauty. “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” ― Anne Frank “Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a… Continue Reading “Beauty Is as Beauty Does.”

Muffins and Mad Dogs

My friends the young students, and I made fruit and vege muffins yesterday.   Which gave us plenty of energy for outdoor pursuits. I found this recipe somewhere ages ago and delve into it off and on, using whatever is in the house (that… Continue Reading “Muffins and Mad Dogs”

Mia – Not good I am afraid

Mia has miscarried all her lambs. This is sad for everyone. When I was a young Mum raising a family alone in New Zealand (we were thin but happy), before I started teaching, I used to pick up odds and sods of jobs here… Continue Reading “Mia – Not good I am afraid”

The Mists of Writing while Walking the Boundaries.

Mama the policeman will have something to say about that.  Every photograph, though taken on the same day, has slightly different light and is viewed differently by each reader. This is why every writer has something viable to say.  Some might say: Mama you… Continue Reading “The Mists of Writing while Walking the Boundaries.”

Get the List here! 95 Books to read – recommended by the Fellowship of The Kitchen’s Garden Farmy Friends

 Morning darlinks! How do you like your new name? The Fellowship of the Kitchen’s Garden Farmy Friends. Try and say that; at speed, three times in a row,  after a few wines, with a glass in one hand and standing on the opposing  foot.… Continue Reading “Get the List here! 95 Books to read – recommended by the Fellowship of The Kitchen’s Garden Farmy Friends”

From Gray to Kupa’s Way

The days work begins and ends in the pitch dark now, though yesterday was warm, the day was gray.  I know winter is coming, the light is dimming, but these last few warm days have been a delightful respite.   L’il Puss The Scrapper’s… Continue Reading “From Gray to Kupa’s Way”

The Corridors: An excerpt from Chapter One.

Here you are. One piece of  The Writing for your perusal as a thank you for your wonderful patience and support while I have been writing. And while I continue to rewrite! This piece is a work in progress, barely out of First Draft,… Continue Reading “The Corridors: An excerpt from Chapter One.”

Miss C is Miss Ing …

… in action. Or soon will be. Today she might be laid on her back, under a tree, looking at the cloudless sky.  And wondering if, now that she has started writing, will she ever be able to stop.  And where did this superb,… Continue Reading “Miss C is Miss Ing …”

The Duke of Kupa’s flipside eye

Imagine if you had a third eyelid, like a veil.  That you could draw, like a blind, across your eyes .. .. but still see out. How disconcerting would that be, to those who wished to pry at you with their miniature crowbars. Your… Continue Reading “The Duke of Kupa’s flipside eye”

It was not the 6th…

When I loaded all these shots I wrote the 6th of November as their label.  But it was not the 6th.  It was the 7th and another dreary day. Today will be better. Look at this fat Charlotte.  Standing solidly on all four feet… Continue Reading “It was not the 6th…”