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The Damp

Although the flood waters have receded the ground is so wet that every morning the dew is heavy and the sun rises into misty wet air. The humidity is saturating. We have not had a full hot drying sunny day in weeks. The clouds… Continue Reading “The Damp”

Mopping Up the Details

It might take a while to get you all up to date! Let’s hope I can stay the course a bit longer this time. Though we will be drifting into bread baking a bit more often – this being a huge focus in my… Continue Reading “Mopping Up the Details”


As I work even harder to feed my animals without buying feed in plastic bags the sprouting gets more and more important. As we know plastic is not going anywhere but into the piles and landfills in our respective countries. It is quite simply… Continue Reading “HOPEFUL SPROUTS”


The sky was a kaleidoscope yesterday. Frequently shaken.


Look at all this beautiful sky. This is one of the reasons we struggle through the deep grey of winter. Once summer finally pulls the curtain the sky opens up and I feel like I can SEE once again. This is the natural home… Continue Reading “ABUNDANT SUNSHINE”


HUNKERING down. Closing one’s eyes and accepting that the weather has turned rotton seems to work for the animals. The rain has come with my least favourite wind.  The Nor’East. Strong. And back in they went the animals. Two by two and three by three… Continue Reading “BEAT THE WAITING WITH A STICK”


I did not set out to be a pig farmer but there you are. Yesterday when I was talking to the man who was going to reverse my trailer into a tight spot, I heard someone else say behind me, in a low voice, to… Continue Reading “THE LADY PIG FARMER”


The rain has brought forth mud and growth. The good, the bad and the ugly. “Roses have thorns, and silver fountains mud; …” Shakespeare


The animals and I are all so sick of waiting for the grass to grow! Time to take things in hand and grow our own forage inside (in my shower actually).   I should call this how to feed a farm from your shower!


A Winter Storm Watch in the first days of a midwest Spring.  The old people keep telling me anything can happen in March and it happens they are right!